34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

11. She knocked it off

I’ve had people yell at me for politely asking them and their children to stop punching the small plastic buttons on exhibits.

Then, when they inevitably broke, people would yell at me that things weren’t working.

But the best/worst was …. ugh ….

A woman and her kid walk up to an exhibit. The exhibit is out of order because of stupid kids smashing the buttons. There is a sign covering the buttons explaining that the machine is out of order.

The woman removes the sign and drops it on the floor. (I’m watching a few yards away.) Then her kid tries to use the machine and … surprise … it doesn’t work. She looks around until she sees me and marches over to bark at me because the machine isn’t working.

Calmly, I say: “That exhibit is out of order mamm.”

I shit you not … the next words out of her mouth were:

“Then there should have been a sign on it!”

“There was a sign on it mamm, you threw it on the floor.”

12. She THREW it

I once had a customer try to throw their coffee at me. I had accidentally made a woman a latte with regular milk rather then soy. It was my fault and I apologized profusely. I told her I would make her another drink. This wasn’t good enough for the woman. Like a crazed banshee she shrieked, “I need soy!” and threw the latte at me. The lid stayed on and totally missed me. Instead exploded on impact and got all over the counters, cabinets and floor. The bright side is that the owner was in attendance. He made quick work of throwing that bitch out, despite protests that she didn’t get her coffee.


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