34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

32. It went nowhere

A man and his mother always used to come into the café I used to work in, and he always was a bit strange, but a nice guy, and he’d talk with everyone, myself included, when he came in. One time, though, he came in with his mother, and his mother asked him to buy her a cup of tea, because she’d left her money at home. He kept saying, “No, no, I don’t want to, I don’t want to.”

His mother was being perfectly reasonable, and she asked him politely again, at which point he took the bag he was holding and flung it across the room, almost hitting a baby. The owner told him to leave, and he did, but just as he was going out the door, he turned around again and began yelling incomprehensible things at the owner and hit him in the face. The owner pushed him away, and with such force that he actually fell back onto his mother. THEN they left.

We got a call about 2 days later saying that he was going to take us to court for discrimination against disabled people. Fortunately that went absolutely nowhere.

33. Bitchy women, hungry dudes

Working in a Tex-Mex restaurant in college. It was opening shift, around 10:30am, when I got the first table of the day, a group of four women. They started out ok, a little withdrawn, but hiding the absolute crazy dwelling within quite well. I take their drink order, and return within a minute with their drinks and a bowl of chips and four individual cups of salsa. As I am placing the four cups of salsa down, the sleeve of my shirt brushes the top of Woman A’s straw. Now bear in mind that we wore clean white dress shirts, and this is literally the only table in the store. My shirt is perfectly clean, pressed, and sharp. (by the end of the day I would generally end up looking like a battlefield surgeon, but this was not the case just yet). I felt it, I knew what I had done and was about to offer her a fresh straw when I saw the look on her face and I just knew. She delicately reaches forward with a snarl, picks up the straw like it’s a dead rat’s tail, and drops the dirty straw on the floor in front of me and chides ” I need a new straw now, please.” Only the “please” was absolutely dripping with acid bile hatred.

Great I thought. I offered her an apology and a new straw. She said nothing to me. Didn’t even look at my face. They need a few minutes to look over the menu, So I leave and return after the appro 90 seconds.

As I’m taking their individual orders, Woman A stops eating chips and lets out a shriek/yelp “OHMYGOD”. Everyone stops and looks at her. She reaches into her salsa with a fork, and pulls out a long, straight, thin, strand from the salsa. And promptly goes into a tirade about how disgusting this place was that there is hair in the salsa and despite my profuse apologies, she convinces her three unhappy friends to get up and walk out. In disappointment, I watch them leave, and go to work clearing the table off. I look at the “hair”, it’s a piece of celery fiber. We made our salsa fresh on site. THe woman literally just got up and walked out over a strand of celery fiber.

The hostess saw what happened and felt bad for me, so the very next table that came in, she sat in my section again. It’s two kinda grimy, sweaty looking dudes and two women. Same process, take their drinks, bring them back with chips n salsa. As I’m taking their order, Dude A reaches into his salsa and pulls out what I am fairly certain WAS an actual human hair. My mind goes into panic mode “Oh shit oh shit” and I immediately apologize.

Dude A wipes it onto his napkin and goes “Fuck it, I just ran a 10k, I’m too hungry to give a shit.” and CONTINUES EATING THE SALSA.


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