34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

14. Oops

This one is my fault so idk if It counts. Anyways. Through college I worked at Domino’s Pizza. We delivered to mostly college students and a large amount of poverty stricken areas. in these areas many years ago a driver got shot and so we don’t deliver to some of the “Section 8” housing.

I get a call from a black guy probably in his 40s ordering pizza and he politely orders everything and then tells me his address. I tell him politely sorry we don’t deliver there and he asks me why. And I say:

“Sorry sir, it’s sort of a black hole that no one delivers to.”

I am not a very smart man, and to this day I cringe.

Immediately I shut the fuck up as he’s cussing me out. Things like “What do you mean by black hole you racist bitch?” i try to explain i meant just an area where no one goes to, but it was way late. After I give him my name and what Number to call to report my accidental racism, I think I am deservedly fired, he suddenly busts out laughing and said “I’m just fuckin with you have a nice day.”

And that was my darkest moment. oh god I did it again.

15. Is this serious?

Not so much a horror story as just absurdly ridiculous.

Husband and wife come in to see a movie at my work. They’re 30 minutes early. We have three auditoriums. They go into the wrong one for 40 minutes. They come out and get mad at us because they read the sign wrong. We remind them that they haven’t missed any of their movie yet, so they go into their movie for 45 minutes. They come out and tell us that they decided it was boring and they want to go into the 3D movie we have playing downstairs. My manager lets them after arguing them into paying at least the $2 3D surcharge. They come out after an hour and a half and tell us it was boring and they want a full refund. My manager tells them no. They flip their shit, and we tell them to leave. They storm out, wife says “I’m never coming here again. I’m only going to see movies at (theater around the corner)!”

The kicker is that (theater around the corner) is the same company as us, with the same bank account (not a corporate chain, just 2 theaters.) I replied “Please do!”

An hour later, the husband came back and said “my wife left my jacket in the movie.” I said “Well that means it could be literally anywhere in here,” and told him to come back tomorrow and we’ll check the lost & found.


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