34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

22. OMG

Man was so fat he got caught between the walls of our bathroom in my family’s restaurant and we had to have the fire station send people to rescue him. He threatened to sue us.

23. Might’ve been mafioso

My father works in a big store here in Italy, and he was at the return desk for a few years.

A guy once showed up and wanted to give back a coffee machine well over the return period, so obviously my dad said no. After a few minutes of arguing, this man raised the coffee machine and threw it at my dad, who miraculously avoided it.

He called the security and dude guy was arrested. It seemed just a “normal” aggression by a stupid customer, but it was later discovered that he had a criminal record for assault and HAD A LOADED GUN IN HIS POCKET during the fight.

My dad still gets shivers when he tells the story.

24. Oh god

I worked in a shop in Dublin and there was a super sketchy customer who had frequently shoplifted. He came in one day and surprisingly didn’t try to steal anything. He came straight to the counter to buy cigarettes, complaining all the time of how painful his teeth were.

He stuck his finger into the gaping maw where 2 teeth should have been and withdrew it covered in blood.

He then wiped the blood on the 10 euro note and handed it to me. I just stared at it until he dropped it on the counter.

He took his cigarettes and walked away.

The next customer was also a regular and as I was serving him he saw the note and asked:

Did Tom give you that note?

I answered that he had and that I didn’t feel like touching it straight away.

I wouldn’t if I were you, he’s dying of AIDS

Tom died about 8 months later from AIDS complications.


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