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50+ Hunger Games Trivia Questions For Fans 

Forget Harry Potter. Hunger Games is one of the best YA books out there! If you love the Hunger Games, then you’re going to love this quiz! It will test your knowledge of the characters, plot, and themes in this popular franchise. Here is some Hunger Games trivia for fans of the books and movies:

Hunger Games Trivia Quiz:

What’s the name of the day when tributes are chosen?

This day is known as Reaping Day.

Which district is Katniss from?

She is from District Twelve.

What was the name of Katniss’s stylist?

Her stylist is named Cinna.

Who is Katniss’s sister?

Her sister is named Primrose.

Who plays Effie Trinket?

Effie is played by Elizabeth Banks.

What does Katniss do in the first book that causes her name to be added to the reaping ball?

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Katniss takes out tesserae, which causes her name to be added to the reaping ball.

Who is chosen by lottery as the female tribute for District 12?

Primrose is chosen as the female tribute for her district.

Who escorts Katniss to the Capitol?

She and fellow tribute Peeta Mellark are escorted to the Capitol by their chaperone Effie Trinket and mentor Haymitch Abernathy.

What item does Katniss manage to grab at the Cornucopiain during her first Hunger Games?

She grabs a backpack during her first Hunger Games.

Under what circumstances did Katniss first meet Peeta?

Katniss was looking for food and Peeta gave her bread.

What is an Avox missing?

They are missing their tongue.

Who courageously sacrificed themselves by walking into the fog so Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta could live?

Mags sacrificed herself by walking into the fog.

What is the first thing Katniss looks for after running from the Cornucopia?

She looks for water after running from the Cornucopia.

How did Katniss’s father die?

Her father died in a mine explosion.

Why does the Capitol hold the Hunger Games?

They hold the games to remind the districts that they are powerless against them.

Who gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin?

Madge gives her a Mockingjay pin.

What was the period in Panem after the failed District rebellion known as?

This time period is called the Dark Days.

What does Peeta do that surprises Katniss on their first night in the arena?

He hunts with the Career Tributes during their first night in the arena.

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What do Katniss and Peta threaten to do at the end of the games?

They threaten to eat poisonous berries.

What does Katniss think when she first sees the residents of the Capitol?

She thinks they are superficial and ridiculous.

Who or what is Katniss named after?

She is named after a plant with edible roots.

At what skill is Gale better than Katniss?

He is better than her at setting snares.

Which training station does Peeta excel at?

He excels at the camouflage station.

What’s the name of Finnick Odair’s love interest?

Annie is his love interest.

How does Haymitch indicate to Katniss that he wants her to play up the romance with Peeta?

He sends her a pot of broth after she and Peeta kiss.

What does Wiress keep saying in the arena?

She keeps saying tick, tock.

Where does Katniss find Peeta after it’s declared that two tributes can win the Games?

She finds him lying camouflaged in mud.

What does Peeta tell Katniss he wants to do in the Games?

He wants to show the Capitol that he’s not just a piece in their game.

What is the name of the alliance that proves to be the most dangerous?

The Career Tributes are the most dangerous in the games.

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What are tesserae?

This refers to extra rations of grain and oil.

How does Cato finally die?

He dies when Katniss shoots him.

What does Thresh say to Katniss when he spares her life?

She says that they’re even now.

What event does Katniss refer to when she says the most dangerous part of the Hunger Games is about to begin?

She says the most dangerous part is her last interview with Caesar Flickerman.

What does Katniss do when Rue is killed?

She covers her body in flowers.

What do Rue and Katniss realize is their advantage over the Career Tributes?

They can hunt and forage their own food.

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When Katniss is severely dehydrated, how does Haymitch indicate to her that she’s near water?

He doesn’t send her anything.

What bonding activity would Gale and Katniss do together?

They would go hunting together.

Which district is Rue from?

She is from District 11.

When does Peeta propose to Katniss?

It was during a live TV interview.

What does Rue point out to Katniss that lets her get away from the group of Career Tributes?

A tracker jacker nest helps her get away from these tributes.

Who was the president of District 13?

Alma Coin was the president of District 13.

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What berry do Katniss and Peeta eat when they find out that they can’t win together?

The berries are named nightlock.

What is the name of Prim’s cat?

Buttercup is the name of her cat.

What song does Katniss sing after Rue dies?

She sings Deep in the Meadow.

How does the Capitol confirm the identity of each potential tribute?

They use blood.

How many tributes survive the first day of the Hunger Games?

Eleven of the twenty-four tributes survive the first day.

What is Finnick Odair’s weapon of choice?

A trident was his weapon of choice.

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Who is the first tribute to die?

The District 8 male tribute lasts approximately 9 seconds.

How long do the tributes have to wait on their platforms before the Hunger Games begin?

They have to wait sixty seconds on their platforms.

What does Katniss shoot during a private training session with the Gamemakers?

She shoots an apple during her training session.

For the Opening Ceremony, Katniss wears a cape made of what?

She wears a cape made of fire.

Haymitch emphasizes the importance of what?

He talks about the importance of sponsors, which is why he tries to make Katniss more likable.

Where does The Hunger Games take place?

It takes place in Panem.

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