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90+ Comic Book Trivia Questions For Superfans

Comic books are exciting portals to another universe. They give you the chance to escape from the real world and live out your dreams. Whether you relate to superheroes or supervillains, you know that these books and movies are important pieces of history. Here is a comic book quiz filled with comic book trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge of different franchises:

Comic Book Trivia Questions:

What year was the first modern comic book printed?


The Human Torch was one of the first characters from which comic imprint?

He was one of the First Marvel characters.

Peter Parker lives in a cruddy apartment on what street in New York City?

Chrystie Street.

In which comic did Wonder Woman make her first appearance?

All Star comics.

Superman is the most famous DC comics character. What is his real name?

Kal-El, but he goes by Clark Kent.

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Who wrote the original Spiderman comics?

Stan Lee.

Famous Funnies is considered the first true comic book– who published this landmark series?

Eastern Color Printing In 1933.

Who is the superhero that is also known as the “Man of Steel?”


What year was the first Iron Movie movie released?


When did Comic Con start?

March 21, 1970.

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What is the real name of Green Goblin?

Norman Osborn.

Who was Elvis Presley’s favorite superhero?

Captain Marvel Jr.

What is the name of Iron Man‘s loyal assistant?

Pepper Potts.

At the end of the Incredible Hulk movie, what does Tony tell Thaddeus Ross?

They are putting a team together

What is Batman’s real name?

Bruce Wayne.

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What comic did Green Lantern first appear in?

All-American’s Comics.

Who would you call if Mr. Freeze attacked?


Who is the superhero twin brother of Scarlet Witch?


What is Superman’s weakness?


How did Spiderman get his superpowers?

He was bitten by a radioactive spider.

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In the Spider-man movie, Uncle Ben said something to Peter. Fill in the blanks: “With great power, comes great __”


Who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Joe Chill.

What is the name of Wonder Woman’s mother?


What African country is Nakia operating in as a spy before T’Challa arrived and brought her back to Wakanda?


Who is the villain of ‘Thor: The Dark World?”


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Who said this, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

The Shadow.

Which superhero has the magic lasso and bullet-proof bracelets?

Wonder Woman.

Who has an indestructible shield?

Captain America.

Who is the superhero who can no longer transform back into human form anymore?

The Thing.

Who is Raymond Palmer’s alter ego?

The Atom.

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The Beast is the medical doctor for which superhero movie?


Who gets his power from a ring?

The Green Lantern.

Which superhero was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby?

Captain America.

Who is the first Super Villain in Superman?

Ultra Humanite.

Who is the first Robin?

Dick Grayson.

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Who killed Jack Kennedy?

Bea Carroll.

What color of Kryptonite is not harmful to Superman?


Who portrays the Scare Crow in Batman?

Cillian Murphy.

Who played Harley Quinn in Batman?

Margot Robbie.

Which Company Does Iron Man Run?

Stark Industries.

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Where is the Time Stone hidden in Doctor Strange?

Eye of Agamotto.

The villain Deadshot who is also known as the world’s greatest marksman is from which comic book publisher?

DC Comic.

What species is Loki?

Frost Giant.

What is the real name of Deadpool?

Wade Wilson

What type of Doctor is Stephen Strange?


More Questions:

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Question: In Ant-Man, what animal did Darren Cross unsuccessfully shrink?
Answer: Sheep.

Question: Who killed Tony Stark’s parents?
Answer: The Winter Soldier.

Question: Which city does Hawkeye and Black Widow often reminisce about?
Answer: Budapest.

Question: Which island does Wonder Woman come from?
Answer: Paradise Island.

Question: Who says this, “It’s clobbering time!”
Answer: The Thing.

Question: What is the name of the newspaper company Peter Parker works for?
Answer: The Daily Bugle.

Question: What did Hellboy do when he attempted to look normal?
Answer: File down his horns.

Question: How did the Fantastic Four get their superpowers?
Answer: Cosmic rays.

Question: What is the name of Iron Man’s loyal assistant?
Answer: Pepper Potts.

Question: Which character is resurrected in X-men: The Last Stand?
Answer: Jean Grey.

Question: Who is the second-most trusted hero in the Justice League?
Answer: Dick Grayson.

Question: Who was the sidekick of Aquaman?
Answer: Aqualad.

Question: What is the name of Batman’s butler?
Answer: Alfred Pennyworth.

Question: Who is the arch-nemesis of Daredevil?
Answer: Kingpin.

Question: In X-Men: Days of Future Past, which mutant can time travel?
Answer: Kitty Pryde.

Question: Who is the character usually romantically paired with Batman?
Answer: Catwoman.

Question: Where does Iron Man’s origin story begin?
Answer: Vietnam.

Question: Who was the first superhero ever?
Answer: The Phantom.

Question: Who is the flammable superhero?
Answer: Human Torch.

Question: Who is the leader of The Fantastic Four?
Answer: Reed Richards.

Question: What is the online handle of Bruce Wayne?
Answer: JonDoe297.

Question: Clark Kent, is a mild-mannered reporter for which newspaper?
Answer: The Daily Planet.

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Question: What is Captain America’s shield made of?
Answer: Vibranium.

Question: What is the name of Thor’s hammer?
Answer: Mjolnir.

Question: What is the real name of the Scarlet Witch?
Answer: Wanda Maximoff.

Question: Who is Black Panther’s sister?
Answer: Shuri.

Question: What is the name of Mr. Freeze’s wife?
Answer: Nora Fries.

Question: What is the name of the villain Egghead?
Answer: Vincent Prince.

Question: Who was the first super villain Spider-Man encountered?
Answer: Supercharger, the living battery.

Question: What city does Batman protect?
Answer: Gotham City.

Question: How many Infinity Stones are there?
Answer: Six.

Question: Who was the first female superhero to appear in the title of an MCU film?
Answer: Wasp.

Question: Who was Tony Stark’s favorite band?
Answer: AC/DC.

Question: What is the real name of Iron Man’s A.I. butler?
Answer: JARVIS.

Question: What is that one Marvel film that doesn’t have a post-credit scene?
Answer: Avengers: Endgame.

Question: What is the name of X-Men’s plane?
Answer: X-Jet, Blackbird.

Question: What are the names The Green Lantern uses to conceal his identity?
Answer: Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, and Kyle Rayner.

Question: In the DC Universe, who has a higher IQ than Batman?
Answer: Lex Luthor.

Question: Who is the archenemy of Aquaman?
Answer: Malefic.

Question: Which villain got his distinct appearance from toxic chemicals at a plant?
Answer: Joker.

Question: What kind of creature was Starro?
Answer: Starfish.

Question: What German airport does the clash of Avengers take place in?
Answer: Leipzig.

Question: Which film’s post-credit scene did Thanos first appear in?
Answer: The Avengers.

Question: Who is the superhero who can manipulate and resist the weather?
Answer: Storm.

Question: Who can calm The Hulk?
Answer: Natasha.

Question: In Batman Forever, which villain did Jim Carrey play?
Answer: Riddler.

Question: How many superhero movies have been made since 2000-2021?
Answer: 36 superhero films.

Question: Who is Scarlet Speedster?
Answer: The Flash.

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