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70+ Cat Trivia Questions For Pet Owners

If you’re a cat owner, you know how adorable (and intelligent) these creatures are. But how much do you really know about their history or the way their body works? Here is some cat trivia that just might stump you. You could learn something new about your furry friend today, so pay close attention!

Cat Trivia Questions:

white cat sleeps under white comforter
Unsplash / Kate Stone Matheson

Which U.S. city had a cat for a mayor for almost 20 years?

Talkeetna, Alaska had a cat as their mayor.

How many pet cats live in the United States?

About 88 million cats live in the United States.

When was the first cat video recorded?

The first known cat video was recorded in 1894.

What is the average number of kittens in a litter?

Most litters contain three to four kittens.

What is the proper term for a group of kittens?

A kindle, litter, or intrigue refers to a group of kittens.

All cats are born with what color eyes?

They are all born with blue eyes.

Who was the first and only cat to go to space?

Félicette was the first cat to travel to space.

For which purpose a cat’s tail is used?

A cat’s tail is used to communicate and maintain balance.

In Thailand, what cat is given to newlyweds for good luck?

Korat is the type of cat given to newlyweds for good luck.

Which smell is so gross to cats that they’ll stay away from it?

Cats stay away from oranges.

orange Persian cat sleeping
Unsplash / Ludemeula Fernandes

Which part of a cat is as unique as a human fingerprint?

Their nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.

Which American writer and poet had a cat called Catarina, who was the inspiration for his story “The Black Cat”?

Edgar Allen Poe wrote this story.

Among male and females, which cat is more likely to be left-pawed?

Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed.

A cat named Tommaso inherited how much money from his owner when she passed away?

The cat inherited 13 million dollars.

A cat can’t taste _____ flavors.


What cat is nicknamed “the gentle giant”?

The Maine Coon is known as the gentle giant.

What is the extreme fear of cats called?

Ailurophobia is an extreme fear of cats.

Which part of a cat’s body can appear and disappear?

Cat claws can appear and disappear.

How many people are bitten by cats in the U.S. each year?

400,000 people are bitten by cats each year.

Cats spend how much of their day grooming themselves?

They spend between 30 and 50 percent of their day grooming themselves.

white and gray kitten on white textile
Unsplash / Kote Puerto

Where was a green cat born?

A green cat was born in Denmark.

Which cats have high chances of deafness?

White cats whose eyes remain blue have a high chance of deafness.

Among indoor and outdoor cats who can survive longer?

Indoor cats are able to survive longer.

How many cats did Abraham Lincoln have in the White House?

He had four pet cats.

What cat is called the “tree tiger” in Indonesia?

The clouded leopard is called the tree tiger.

How many toes do cats have?

Normal cats have 18 toes (five toes on each front paw, four toes on each back paw).

What breed of cat has no hair except for down?

Cornish Rexes have no hair except for down.

True or false: The average cat can spend two-thirds of its life sleeping?

This statement is true.

What domestic cat was bred to resemble a tiger?

Toyger is a domestic cat that resembles a tiger.

Which subfamily of cats includes the tiger?

Pantherinae is the subfamily of cats that includes the tiger.

selective focus photo of gray tabby cat
Unsplash / Erik-Jan Leusink

What cat is distinguished by the extreme depression of the skull, which extends along the nose to the extremity of the muzzle?

Flat-headed cats look like this.

What was the name of the first cloned cat?

The name of this cat was CC, for “CopyCat” or “Carbon Copy”.

How many teeth does an adult cat have?

Adult cats have 30 teeth.

What Cat Goddess did ancient Egyptians worship?

They worshipped Bastet.

Tabby cats are named after a neighborhood in what city?

They are named after a city in Baghdad.

How many hairs does a cat have per square inch on its belly?

120,000 hairs are on its belly.

What breed of cat is known for its “owl-like” appearance?

The Scottish Fold has an owl-like appearance.

What kind of cat did surrealist painter Salvador Dalí keep as a pet?

A Colombian ocelot named Babou was his pet.

What percentage of a cat’s bones are in its tail?

10% of a cat’s bones are in its tail.

What is it called when a cat kneads the ground?

This is called snurgling.

tan and white cat on white bedspread
Unsplash / Timothy Meinberg

What cat has fur so dense you can draw patterns in its coat?

A Russian Blue has dense fur.

What breed of cat has individual hairs banded with different colors?

The Abyssinian has hairs with different colors.

What is the name of Homer Simpson’s cat?

Their cat’s name is Snowball.

How fast can domesticated cats run?

They can run 30 miles per.

How many feet can a cat jump on average?

Cats can jump four to five feet.

How many times are cats mentioned in the Hebrew Bible?

Cats are never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

What is the average life span of an indoor, domesticated cat?

Indoor cats have an average life span of 12 to 18 years.

True or false: Cats communicate with other cats via meowing?

This statement is false.

What is a group of cats called?

They are called a clowder.

Why do cats lick themselves?

They lick for comfort, to reduce body odor so they won’t be detected by predators, to evenly distributed natural oils, to stimulate blood flow, and to keep wounds clean.

What do cats have on their front legs, but not on their hind legs?

A dewclaw.

More Fun Cat Trivia:

orange tabby kitten in grasses
Unsplash / Andriyko Podilnyk

Question: How much did the world’s heaviest cat weigh?
Answer: 47 pounds (21 kg).

Question: What is the smallest breed of cat?
Answer: Singapura.

Question: How many whiskers does a cat have?
Answer: 24 whiskers.

Question: What is the largest breed of cat?
Answer: Maine Coons.

Question: What breed of domestic cat has the longest fur?
Answer: The Persian cat.

Question: How many hours do cats sleep each day?
Answer: 16 to 20 hours a day.

Question: How did ancient Egyptians mourn when a family cat died?
Answer: Shave their eyebrows.

Question: What is the earliest known ancestor of the modern cat?
Answer: Proailurus.

Question: Where do cats have most of their sweat glands?
Answer: Paws.

Question: What is a female cat called?
Answer: Queen.

Question: How many kittens can a single pair of cats and their offspring produce in 7 years?
Answer: 370,000 kittens.

Question: What percent of people identify as cat people?
Answer: 11.5%.

Question: Which poet wrote the collection of poems called “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”?
Answer: T. S. Eliot.

Question: How many muscles does a cat have in each ear?
Answer: 32.

Question: Where are a cat’s whiskers located?
Answer: Their cheeks, eyes, ears, and forelegs.

Question: How many different sounds can a cat make?
Answer: 100 different sounds.

Question: What Catholic Pope condemned cats as evil?
Answer: Pope Innocent VIII.

Question: How many breeds of domestic cats are there worldwide?
Answer: 70 breeds of domestic cat.

Question: Who was the first cartoon cat?
Answer: Felix the Cat.

Question: What year was the first major cat show held in the United States?
Answer: May of 1895.

Question: What skill do cats develop when playing with yarn/toys?
Answer: Hunting.

Question: What breed of cat has no tail?
Answer: The Manx.

Question: How old was the world’s oldest cat?
Answer: 38 years and 3 days.

Question: Which country has more cats per person than any other country in the world?
Answer: New Zealand.

Question: What is the normal body temperature of a cat?
Answer: 102° Fahrenheit.

Question: What breed of cat has a reputation for being cross-eyed?
Answer: Siamese cats.

Question: If a male cat is both orange and black, he is probably …?
Answer: Sterile.

Question: True or false: Spaying and neutering can extend a cat’s life?
Answer: This statement is true.

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