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70+ Star Trek Trivia Questions For Trekkies

If you love Star Trek The Next Generation series, then you’ve come to the right place! Here is some Star Trek trivia for Trekkies about the franchise’s history. Test your knowledge of the characters, starships, and series as a whole. Good luck!

Star Trek Trivia Quiz:

In Gene Roddenberry’s original treatment for Star Trek, what was the name of the Starship?

Starship Yorktown.

Who was the first actor to play a member of all three of the major alien races in Star Trek?

Mark Lenard.

What two stars of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were married in real life in 1997?

Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir) and Nana Visitor (Maj. Kira Nerys).

What is Sulu’s primary position on the U.S.S. Enterprise?


Which Star Trek captain has an artificial heart?

Jean-Luc Picard.

Captain Picard has an artificial heart because a member of what species stabbed him?


Who was the first real astronaut to appear in any Star Trek episode?

Mae C. Jemison.

NBC rejected the pilot for “Star Trek.” What famous comedian got them to take another look?

Lucille Ball.

What is Deanna Troi’s favorite food?


What weapon did Kirk and Spock use when they fought for possession of T’Pring during Spock’s Pon farr ritual in “Amok Time”?

A lirpa.

Who was originally cast as Captain Janeway?

Geneviève Bujold.

Which character serves as the head of security for the space station Deep Space Nine?


Who created the Bajoran wormhole?

The Prophets.

What type of weapons technology does a phaser use?

Particle-beam weapons.

In which Star Trek series did writer Larry Niven introduce the cat-like alien race, the Kzinti, into the Star Trek universe?

Star Trek: The Animated Series.

What species, known to the Borg as “species 329”, were deemed unworthy of assimilation?

The Kazon.

In the Mirror universe, what has replaced the United Federation of Planets?

Terran Empire.

Data had a cat. What was its name?


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Question: Even though Klingon is a real language you can speak now, what Trek actor help create it?
Answer: James Doohan.

Question: What is Lieutenant Uhura’s first name?
Answer: Nyota.

Question: What was Seven of Nine’s name before she was assimilated by the Borg?
Answer: Annika Hansen.

Question: Who was the first Vulcan science officer aboard the starship Enterprise?
Answer: T’Pol.

Question: Who was the first Star Trek actor to write a Star Trek story?
Answer: Walter Koenig.

Question: What future Starfleet captain survived the Battle of Wolf 359?
Answer: Benjamin Sisko.

Question: Who serves as the communications officer in the final episode of Star Trek: The Original Series?
Answer: Lt. Lisa.

Question: Which of the following was not a founding species of the United Federation of Planets? Andorians, Tellarites, Bajorans, or Vulcans?
Answer: The Bajorans.

Question: Which alien race did Ronald Reagan say reminded him of Congress?
Answer: Klingons.

Question: Who played Captain Pike’s first officer in “The Cage?”
Answer: Majel Barrett.

Question: “The Original Series” gave us Captain Kirk and crew boldly going where no one had gone before. Who was Captain in the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series?
Answer: Captain Pike.

Question: Which comedian had a role written for them in “Star Trek IV” that they ultimately turned down?
Answer: Eddie Murphy.

Question: Which Star Trek captain suffers from androgenic alopecia?
Answer: Captain Picard.

Question: What character dies in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise?
Answer: Charles “Trip” Tucker III.

Question: Who is the youngest captain in Starfleet history?
Answer: James Kirk.

Question: What actress turned down the role of Seven of Nine four times?
Answer: Jeri Ryan.

Question: Who is Jonathan Archer played by?
Answer: Scott Bakula.

Question: What famous character was named after a pilot Gene Roddenberry had met during WWII?
Answer: Khan.

Question: Which Trek movie featured the first entirely CG sequence in film history?
Answer: “The Wrath of Khan”.

Question: What was Majel Barrett’s first role on Star Trek?
Answer: “Number One”, Captain Pike’s unnamed first officer.

Question: What is the Klingon homeworld?
Answer: Qo’noS.

Question: What type of fish does Captain Picard keep in his ready room?
Answer: Lionfish.

Question: Which of the following characters was trapped in a transporter buffer for 75 years?
Answer: Montgomery Scott.

Question: What is Mr. Chekhov’s first name?
Answer: Pavel Andreievich Chekov.

Question: What is Captain Kirk’s middle name?
Answer: Tiberius.

Question: Which Star Trek captain loves baseball?
Answer: Sisko.

Question: What medical condition did William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy both suffer as a result of standing too close to a special effect explosion?
Answer: Tinnitus.

Question: Who was Spock’s mother?
Answer: Amanda Grayson.

Question: Which Star Trek series has a female Chief Engineer?
Answer: U.S.S. Voyager.

Question: Which Chief Medical Officer is a Denobulan?
Answer: Phlox.

Question: Which Star Trek captain was forced to impersonate a historical figure to preserve the timeline?
Answer: Sisko.

Question: What character asks Data if he is “fully functional”?
Answer: Tasha Yar.

Question: Who was the first Kelpien to enter Starfleet?
Answer: Saru.

Question: What were the last words of the last episode of Star Trek: The Original Series?
Answer: “If only…”

Question: Who was originally offered the role of Spock?
Answer: Martin Landau.

Question: Which species was the first to discover warp drive?
Answer: Vulcans.

Question: According to Klingon mythology, what is the place where all life began?
Answer: QI’tu’.

Question: Thanks to Trek fans, NASA named a space shuttle “Enterprise.” What was it going to be called before?
Answer: Constitution.

Question: Which Trek actor was shot six times on D-Day?
Answer: James Doohan.

Question: Which Next Generation species was meant to be introduced as a replacement for Klingons as a major enemy?
Answer: Ferengi.

Question: What Star Trek character was labeled “unknown sample” when discovered by Bajoran scientists?
Answer: Odo.

Question: According to results from the 2013 Star Trek Convention, what was the 7th best “Star Trek ” film ever?
Answer: “Galaxy Quest”.

Question: What was the first ship James T. Kirk served on?
Answer: U.S.S. Farragut.

Question: What ship is Sulu assigned when he’s promoted to captain?
Answer: U.S.S. Excelsior.

Question: Which infamous episode of “The Next Generation” is considered the series’ worst?
Answer: Shades of Grey.

Question: What type of pet does Captain Archer have on Enterprise?
Answer: Beagle.

Question: Which character has appeared in more episodes than any other in all of Trek history?
Answer: Worf.

Question: When was Star Trek: The Motion Picture released?
Answer: 1979.

Question: What speech is given at the start of each episode?
Answer: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!”

Question: What actor from Star Trek: The Original Series lost his right middle finger during World War II?
Answer: James Doohan (“Scotty”).

Question: Which TNG actor was so convinced the show would fail they never bothered to unpack their bags for over a month?
Answer: Patrick Stewart.

Question: Trek famously reuses actors in many alien roles. Who was the first to play a Vulcan, a Romulan, and a Klingon?
Answer: Mark Lenard.

Question: Captain Picard played a flute in an episode of “The Next Generation” that went up for auction in 2006. How much money did it go for?
Answer: 48,000 dollars.

Question: How many different characters has actor Jeffrey Combs played in the “Star Trek” universe?
Answer: Eight.

Question: What character was adopted by the Vulcan ambassador Sarek?
Answer: Michael Burnham.

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