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70+ Soccer Trivia Questions For Sports Fans

If you never miss a soccer match, you should test your knowledge with some quiz questions. See how much you know about the different teams, players, and their victories. Here is some major league soccer trivia that only the biggest fans will be able to answer correctly:

Fun Soccer Trivia Questions

soccer field
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Question: What year were soccer rules codified?
Answer: 1863.

Question: Which team won the 1994 FIFA World Cup?
Answer: Brazil national football team.

Question: Which MLS franchise team does David Beckham own?
Answer: Major League Soccer.

Question: What is the earliest known form of soccer?
Answer: Cuju, which is literally “kick ball.”

Question: How many panels are there on a traditional soccer ball?
Answer: 32 panels.

Question: Who was the first English player to win league titles in four countries?
Answer: David Beckham.

Question: What other team competes against Real Madrid in “The Classic”?
Answer: Barcelona.

Challenging Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: What soccer player holds the world record for most career goals by a keeper?
Answer: Rogério Ceni.

Question: What is the record for red cards given in a single soccer game?
Answer: Thirty-six.

Question: Which two countries went to war partially over a soccer match?
Answer: El Salvador and Honduras.

Question: According to the official FIFA rulebook, how long can a goalkeeper hold the ball?
Answer: 6 seconds.

Question: What was the fastest red card ever issued in a game?
Answer: Two seconds.

Question: Who kicked the longest goal in soccer history?
Answer: Asmir Begovic.

Question: Which player was nicknamed “Psycho”?
Answer: Pearce.

Interesting Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: Which 2018 World Cup team lost their Nike footwear a week before competition due to sanctions?
Answer: Iran national team.

Question: What was the fastest goal in World Cup history?
Answer: 10.8 seconds.

Question: How long is an international soccer match?
Answer: 90 minutes.

Question: Who was the first player to score at five World Cup editions?
Answer: Marta.

Question: Premier League club Liverpool is also known by which nickname?
Answer: Red.

Question: Brazilian soccer legend Pelé played his last game for which team?
Answer: He played the first half of the game for the American club, and the second half for Santos.

Question: Which country’s soccer team helped secure a truce to the nation’s civil war in 2006?
Answer: Ivory Coast national football team.

Mindblowing Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: Which national team is nicknamed Les Elephants?
Answer: Ivory Coast.

Question: Which type of football is another term for soccer?
Answer: Association football.

Question: Who won the first two FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Awards?
Answer: Mia Hamm.

Question: How old was the youngest professional soccer player?
Answer: Twelve.

Question: Who is the only soccer player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d’Or?
Answer: Lionel Messi.

Question: How much was David Beckham’s five-year contract with LA Galaxy originally reported to be worth?
Answer: $250 million.

Question: Which country won the first women’s World Cup?
Answer: The United States won the first women’s World Cup.

Fascinating Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: Who was named Danish Player of the Year four times during his career?
Answer: Brian Laudrup.

Question: How many goals did Brazilian soccer legend Pelé score in his league debut?
Answer: Four goals.

Question: What country was home to the world’s first soccer league?
Answer: The English Football League.

Question: Who scored the fastest goal in MLS Cup history?
Answer: Diego Valeri.

Question: Which two countries participated in the first international soccer match?
Answer: Scotland and England.

Question: Who was the youngest player ever named to the Canada National Women’s Team?
Answer: Kara Lang.

Question: What Premier League club is involved with Manchester United in the “Roses Rivalry”?
Answer: Leeds.

Unbelievable Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: What do Arsenal fans call themselves?
Answer: Gooners.

Question: Who was the goalkeeper in the film Escape to Victory?
Answer: Sylvester Stallone.

Question: How many times did the Seattle Sounders qualify for the MLS Cup playoffs during their first 12 seasons?
Answer: In each of its first 12 seasons.

Question: What country forfeited a World Cup Qualifier after failing to show up for the match?
Answer: Estonia.

Question: Which manager is credited with introducing FC Barcelona to the famous tiki-taka style of play?
Answer: Pep Guardiola.

Question: Who did the Columbus Crew select with the first overall pick in Major League Soccer’s first draft in 1996?
Answer: Brian McBride.

Question: What was the largest margin of victory in an international soccer match?
Answer: 31-0.

The Best Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: Which supporters group is no longer recognized by Toronto FC?
Answer: Inebriatti.

Question: English rock star Elton John was twice the owner of which football club?
Answer: Watford.

Question: There is a limit on substitutions for official matches. How many players are you allowed to replace?
Answer: You’re allowed to replace three players.

Question: The FIFA organizes what events for both men and women every four years?
Answer: World Cups.

Question: What is a soccer field called?
Answer: A pitch.

Question: Bobby Moore spent the majority of his club career playing for which team?
Answer: West Ham United.

Question: In which season was the European Cup rebranded as the Champions League?
Answer: 1992/93.

The Hardest Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: What superstar won the FIFA World Player of the Year in both 2004 and 2005?
Answer: Ronaldinho.

Question: How many teams participated in the women’s World Cup?
Answer: 16.

Question: Which player scored the “Hand of God” goal in a match of the 1986 World Cup?
Answer: Diego Maradona.

Question: Which is the only team that has participated in each FIFA WC so far?
Answer: Brazil.

Question: Which football player appeared in the world cup at the age of 43?
Answer: Faryd Mondragón.

Question: When the defending team kicks the ball out over their own goal line (not in the goal), what is the call?
Answer: A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team if the ball crossed the goal line.

Question: True or false: Scottish football association is considered to be the second oldest football association in the world?
Answer: True.

Difficult Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: Which club won the title of champion in 2016/17 Highland league?
Answer: Buckie Thistle.

Question: How old was the youngest professional soccer player?
Answer: 16 years and 30 days old.

Question: Who became the highest-paid Premier League player upon signing a 2008 contract with Chelsea?
Answer: Frank Lampard.

Question: Association football is governed internationally by what organization?
Answer: The International Federation of Association Football.

Question: In the Summer Olympics, most of the soccer players must be under … years old.
Answer: 23.

Question: Who is the only player to win the Champions League with three different clubs?
Answer: Clarence Seedorf.

Question: In 2001 who was the “European footballer of the year”?
Answer: Michael Owen was the footballer of the year in 2001.

More Soccer Trivia Questions

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Question: When can a player take a penalty kick?
Answer: The penalty kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play, or the referee stops play for any offense.

Question: Which country hosted Euro 2016?
Answer: France hosted Euro 2016.

Question: What defender won England Player of the Year in 2010?
Answer: Ashley Cole was the defender who won the player of the year in 2010.

Question: Which player won Chelsea player of the year for both 2012 and 2013?
Answer: Juan Mata won the Chelsea player of the year in 2012 and 2013.

Question: Who is the Champions League’s top goalscorer of all time?
Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo was the top goalscorer of all time.

Question: What is the limit of stoppage time that can be added at the end of a game?
Answer: There is no limit on how much stoppage time a referee can add to the end of a soccer game.

Question: Who scored the first-ever Premiership hat-trick?
Answer: Eric Cantona achieved this for Leeds United in August 1992 during a 5-0 romp over Tottenham Hotspur.

Easy Soccer Trivia For Children

unpaired orange and white Nike soccer cleat
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Question: Which player is allowed to use their hands during the game?
Answer: The goalie is allowed to use their hands during the game.

Question: What is soccer?
Answer: Soccer is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball.

Question: To most places in the world, soccer is known as what?
Answer: Soccer is known as football in most of the world.

Question: What is it called when a player without the ball on the offensive team is behind the last defender or fullback?
Answer: It is called offside.

Question: At a kick-off, how many times is the kicker allowed to kick the ball before it has touched another player?
Answer: You’re allowed to kick the ball once.

Question: A designated seating area off the field of play where the coach(es) and non-fielded players must sit or stand. What is this area called?
Answer: The area is known as the technical area.

Question: What color jerseys did the United States have the Women’s National team wear in 2007?
Answer: Their jerseys were the color gold.

Question: What does this hand signal mean: ‘The referee raises his/her arm in the air until the kick has been taken and has touched another player’?
Answer: Indirect free-kick.

Question: How would you restart the game if a dog or some other animal runs onto the field and infringes on the game?
Answer: Drop Ball.

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