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80+ Beatles Trivia Questions For Massive Fans

If you love Beatles songs and own every single Beatles album, you should be able to ace this quiz without a problem. Some questions test your knowledge of their song lyrics. Others test your knowledge of the band’s history. If you’re ready for a challenge, here is a Beatles quiz filled with tricky Beatles trivia questions:

Beatles Quiz Questions:

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What was the last song John Lennon played for a paying audience?

“I Saw Her Standing There.”

Which Beatle crossed Abbey Road in the famous album cover first?


What Beatles song was written for Mia Farrow’s sister?

Dear Prudence.

Who was the first Beatle to get married?

John Lennon.

Who was the original drummer for the Beatles?

Pete Best.

Which of the Beatles did some fans believe had died and been replaced by a double?


What band did Ringo leave to join the Beatles?

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

For what crime was Paul McCartney deported from Germany?


What was the working title of With a Little Help from my Friends?

Bad Finger Boogie.

Which of the following songs contributed to the rumor that Paul had died?

Strawberry Fields Forever.

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Where do The Beatles travel to to escape the cult in ‘Help!’?

The Alps.

Who was ‘Help!’ dedicated to?

Elias Howe.

How many movies of The Beatles were filmed in black and white?


Which Beatle drags a relative along for the ride in ‘Magical Mystery Tour’?

Ringo Starr.

Name the city of the birth of The Beatles in 1960?


What song is this lyric from? “Take a sad song and make it better.”

‘Hey Jude’.

What was the last Beatles album recorded?

Let it be.

Where was the first Beatles concert in the United States held? The Washington Coliseum or Madison Square Garden?

The Washington Coliseum.

Among the four main Beatles members (otherwise known as the Fab Four), who was the youngest of the quad, had they all lived to this day?

George Harrison.

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Who ends up with a ring stuck on his finger in ‘Help!’?

Ringo Starr.

Who gets shrunken down to size in ‘Help!’?

Paul Mccartney.

What song is this lyric from? “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see, it’s getting hard to be someone.”

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

In which movie was The Beatles‘ acting debut, released in 1964?

‘A Hard Day’s Night’.

The film ‘Help!’ released in 1965 was a spoof of which series?

‘James Bond’.

Which Beatle’s family member comes along for the ride in ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?

Paul Mccartney.

Where did the first half of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ take place?

Inside a train.

Who was arrested in ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?

Ringo Starr.

Who met his future wife while shooting ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?

George Harrison.

What song is this lyric from? “I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend If it makes you feel alright.”

‘Can’t Buy Me, Love’.

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“Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.”

‘Here Comes The Sun’.

“All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.”


“Baby’s good to me you know, she’s happy as can be you know.”

‘I Feel Fine’.

“Last night I said these words to my girl, I know you never even try girl.”

‘Please Please Me’.

“Well, shake it up baby now.”

‘Twist And Shout’.

“Try to see it my way, do I have to keep on talking ’till I can’t go on.”

‘We Can Work It Out’.

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you.”

‘All My Loving’.

Which Beatle wins the road race in ‘Magical Mystery Tour’?


What was the last song the Beatles recorded together?

The End.

Which song do The Beatles sing while wearing white tuxedos in ‘Magical Mystery Tour’?

‘Your Mother Should Know’.

Name the film that was animated rather than live-action?

‘Yellow Submarine’.

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What color represents the bad guys in ‘Yellow Submarine’?


Who takes the Yellow Submarine to Liverpool to find relief for the people?


What song is this lyric from? “If there’s anything that you want If there’s anything I can do.”

‘From Me To You’.

Name the two prime songwriters of the band.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Name the original bass guitarist of the group.

Stuart Sutcliffe.

Name the band that Ringo Starr was in before The Beatles.

Rory Storm and The Hurricanes.

Name the Indian sitar player with whom George Harrison collaborated.

Ravi Shankar.

Which famous singer sent a telegram congratulating The Beatles before a live performance?

Elvis Presley.

Which song contributes to the conspiracy theory that McCartney has died?

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

What do they sing at the end of ‘Yellow Submarine.’

‘All Together Now’.

What is the name of their last film?

‘Let It Be’.

Where did they perform in the movie ‘Let It Be’?

On a roof.

Which member took Ringo’s place on drums when he temporarily quit the band during the recording of ‘The White Album’?

Paul McCartney.

Name the pop artist who designed the cover of ‘The White Album.’

Richard Hamilton.

Name the session drummer for the album version of ‘Love Me Do’.

Andy White.

When did The Beatles release the album titled ‘The Beatles’?


For which album did The Beatles record ten songs during a single studio session?

‘Please Please Me’.

More Beatles Trivia Questions

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Question: Name the third single of The Beatles?
Answer: ‘From Me to You’.

Question: Which Beatles song did Frank Sinatra call the “greatest love song written”?
Answer: ‘Something’.

Question: Which album took over 700 hours of recordings?
Answer: ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

Question: What is the first Beatles song where George Harrison plays the sitar?
Answer: ‘Norwegian Wood’.

Question: Who shot John Lennon on 8 December 1980?
Answer: Mark David Chapman.

Question: The sleeve notes of which record led to the Beatles being nicknamed “The Fab Four”?
Answer: ‘With The Beatles’.

Question: In 1960, the band toured Scotland as the support act for which singer?
Answer: Johnny Gentle.

Question: Which song ends with a chord played on three different pianos and a harmonium?
Answer: ‘A Day In The Life’.

Question: Which was the only song on ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ that wasn’t written by Lennon-McCartney?
Answer: ‘Within You Without You’.

Question: “All the lonely people, where do they all belong?”
Answer: ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

Question: “Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be.”
Answer: ‘Yesterday’.

Question: ‘”When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom.”
Answer: ‘Let It Be’.

Question: Who was the oldest of The Fab Four?
Answer: Ringo Starr.

Question: Who was the first of The Beatles to get married?
Answer: John Lennon.

Question: What was the name of the record label that was founded by The Beatles in 1968?
Answer: Apple Records.

Question: Name The Beatles’ first single to sell a million copies.
Answer: ‘She Loves You’.

Question: Name the drummer who used to play for The Beatles but was eventually replaced.
Answer: Pete Best.

Question: Name the drummer who joined The Beatles in 1962.
Answer: Ringo Starr.

Question: Name the famous manager of The Beatles who is referred to as the fifth Beatle.
Answer: Brian Epstein.

Question: Which The Beatles song holds the record for the most versions covered by different artists?
Answer: ‘Yesterday’.

Question: What was the final record of John Lennon and Yoko Ono?
Answer: ‘Milk And Honey’.

Question: What was the working title of ‘Yesterday’?
Answer: ‘Scrambled Eggs’.

Question: Where did George Martin’s first recording session with the Beatles take place?
Answer: Abbey Road Studio in London.

Question: Which was the only song John Lennon recorded completely by himself during his time with The Beatles?
Answer: ‘Julia’

Question: What was the name of their first album released in America?
Answer: ‘Introducing The Beatles’.

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