James Bond Trivia

80+ James Bond Trivia Questions For Action Fans

If you’re a fan of the James Bond movies or books, you should test your knowledge of the Bond franchise. See how much you can remember and which movies you need to rewatch. Here are James Bond trivia questions and answers for superfans. Good luck!

James Bond Trivia:

The James Bond movies are based on a series of novels by what British author?

Ian Fleming is the author of these books.

Which female artist sang the song Skyfall?

Adele sang this song.

Who is the person that inspired the name, James Bond, according to Ian Fleming?

He was inspired by an American Ornithologist.

What secret service agency does 007 work for?

He works for MI6 (Military Intelligence Section 6).

What actor made his first appearance as James Bond in GoldenEye?

Pierce Brosnan made his first appearance in this movie.

What was the first James Bond movie?

Dr. No (1962) was the first film in the franchise.

What does the code number 007 refer to?

This number refers to the breaking of the WW1 German diplomatic code.

What is the theme song of the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and who sang it?

Nobody Does It Better is the name of the theme song, and it was performed by Carly Simon.

What initials are on the coffin at the beginning of Thunderball?

J.B are the initials on the coffin.

What was the first Bond film NOT based on a book?

The Spy Who Loved Me was the first film not based on a book in the Bond series.

What is the name of Bond’s ancestral home?

The name of his home is Skyfall Lodge.

More Questions:

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Question: Where does Fiona Volpe dance her last dance?
Answer: Kiss Kiss Club.

Question: How many times did Bernard Lee portray M in the official series?
Answer: 11 times.

Question: Who was the first actor to play Bond who’s younger than the Bond series?
Answer: Daniel Craig.

Question: Who played the Bond girl role in Sean Connery’s 1983 comeback Never Say Never Again?
Answer: Maud Adams.

Question: Who hijacks Bond’s helicopter in For Your Eyes Only?
Answer: Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Question: Which actor has played James Bond the most number of times?
Answer: Bernard Lee.

Question: Which Bond film was originally intended as a prequel before the idea was discarded?
Answer: The Living Daylights.

Question: What is the motto of the Bond family’s coat of arms?
Answer: “Orbis Non Sufficit,” which means, “The World Is Not Enough.”

Question: What body part is Dr. No missing?
Answer: Hands.

Question: What is Christmas Jones’ profession in The World is Not Enough?
Answer: Nuclear physicist.

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Question: Who helps Bond at the craps table in Diamonds Are Forever?
Answer: Plenty O’Toole.

Question: What does MI6 have installed in the floor of the Russian consulate in From Russia with Love?
Answer: Periscope.

Question: What event does Bond track Dominic Greene to in Quantum of Solace?
Answer: Opera.

Question: Who performed the theme song for Live and Let Die?
Answer: Paul McCartney and the Wings.

Question: Who dies in the pre-credits scene of You Only Live Twice?
Answer: James Bond.

Question: Who is the villain in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun?
Answer: Scaramanga.

Question: Who was the second actor to portray James Bond in a feature film?
Answer: George Lazenby.

Question: How does Bond recognize Wint and Kidd in Diamonds Are Forever?
Answer: Aftershave.

Question: What does M collect?
Answer: Butterflies.

Question: Who invented the code machine, Lektor, in the movie From Russia With Love?
Answer: SPECTRE.

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Question: What is the name of the vehicle Q issues 007 in You Only Live Twice?
Answer: Little Nellie.

Question: In the Bond film, Live and Let Die, who played the Sheriff, J.W. Pepper?
Answer: Clifton James.

Question: How and when did James Bond’s parents die?
Answer: In a Climbing accident when Bond was a child.

Question: When were the Bond novels published?
Answer: Between 1953 – 1966.

Question: Bond was pushed from a plane in mid-flight without a parachute. Which movie was this from?
Answer: Moonraker.

Question: How is Bond summoned to headquarters in The Spy Who Loved Me?
Answer: Ticker-tape watch.

Question: Which Bond story was narrated from a woman’s point of view?
Answer: The Spy Who Loved Me.

Question: What is the name of Kara Milovy’s cello in The Living Daylights?
Answer: The Lady Rose.

Question: What was Scaramanga’s hideout base?
Answer: Phuket Island.

Question: What kind of car does James Bond drive in Moonraker?
Answer: None.

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Question: What is Bond’s title, officially?
Answer: Commander, Royal Navy.

Question: Who was Bond’s temporary guardian after his parents died?
Answer: Hannes Oberhauser.

Question: In the opening scene of Licence to Kill, which event is James Bond celebrating?
Answer: Felix and Dalla’s Wedding.

Question: What alias does Bond use in Spectre?
Answer: Mickey Mouse.

Question: What is Dr. No’s full name?
Answer: Julius No.

Question: How did Bond disguise himself to sneak onto the drug lord’s boat in Licence to Kill?
Answer: A Manta Ray.

Question: Who sang the theme song for the James Bond film, The Man With The Golden Gun?
Answer: Lulu.

Question: What was the initial title of Licence to Kill?
Answer: Licence Revoked.

Question: What kind of vehicle is 007 issued in Moonraker?
Answer: Venetian canal gondola.

Question: What were the names of Bond’s parents?
Answer: Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix Bond.

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Question: Who sang the Bond Theme song in Licence to Kill?
Answer: Gladys Knight.

Question: What vehicle does Bond steal in GoldenEye to pursue Ourumov through the streets of St. Petersburg?
Answer: A tank.

Question: How many Bond movies did John Glen direct?
Answer: 5.

Question: What is the name of Milton Krest’s boat?
Answer: The WaveCrest.

Question: What game does Bond play with Maximillian Largo in Never Say Never Again?
Answer: Domination.

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Question: Which are the two James Bond films that were not produced by Eon Productions?
Answer: Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983).

Question: Who sang more than one ‘James Bond’ theme song?
Answer: Shirley Bassey.

Question: In For Your Eyes Only, Q goes undercover as a _______.
Answer: Priest.

Question: What was the original title of Tomorrow Never Dies?
Answer: Tomorrow Never Lies.

Question: Which studio produced almost the entirety of the Bond films?
Answer: PineWood Studios.

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Question: What souvenir does 007 bring Moneypenny in The World is Not Enough?
Answer: Cigar.

Question: In The Living Daylights, Bond sleds down a mountain on _____.
Answer: A cello case.

Question: What character did Samantha Bond play in the Bond movies GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough?
Answer: Miss Moneypenny.

Question: What is Q’s first name?
Answer: Algernon.

Question: Who played Major Boothroyd in the Bond movie, ‘Dr. No’?
Answer: Peter Burton.

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Question: From which rental station does Q issue Bond’s car in Tomorrow Never Dies?
Answer: Avis rental station.

Question: For which film did Sean Connery return?
Answer: Diamonds Are Forever.

Question: Who played alongside Sean Connery in the movie, From Russia With Love?
Answer: Daniela Bianchi as Tanya Romanov.

Question: What doesn’t Stromberg like to do in The Spy Who Loved Me?
Answer: Shake hands.

Question: Who played Willard Whyte in Diamonds are Forever?
Answer: Jimmy Dean.

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Question: What car did James Bond have in the movie, Goldfinger?
Answer: Aston Martin.

Question: What does Bond name his martini in Casino Royale?
Answer: Vesper.

Question: Which production company produced On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?
Answer: Eon Productions.

Question: In the Bond film Dr. No there was a calypso version of a children’s song featured in the opening credits. What was the name of the song?
Answer: Three Blind Mice.

Question: Who performed the theme song for the James Bond film From Russia, With Love?
Answer: Matt Monro

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Question: What is Jaws’ only line in the Bond movies?
Answer: “Well, here’s to us.”

Question: In Quantum of Solace, Bond insists on using the following cover: teachers on sabbatical who…
Answer: Just won the lottery.

Question: Which actor felt the contract for the Bond film was too demanding?
Answer: George Lazenby.

Question: What bikini-clad seashell hunter does Bond meet in Dr. No?
Answer: Honey Ryder.

Question: From when did Daniel Craig enter the 007 series?
Answer: 2006, with the movie Casino Royale.

Question: How old was Roger Moore when he last played Bond?
Answer: 57.

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Question: What James Bond film features Christopher Walken as billionaire industrialist Max Zorin?
Answer: A View to a Kill (1985).

Question: What is the unique feature of James Bond’s car in A Spy Who Loved Me?
Answer: Its number plate can spin around in case he is caught by foreign police.

Question: Which Bond villain was known for throwing his deadly bowler hat at his enemies?
Answer: Blofeld Oddjob Jaws.

Question: Who played Bond in ‘Casino Royale’?
Answer: David Niven.

Question: What is the name of the criminal organization that serve as antagonists throughout several James Bond films?
Answer: SPECTRE.

Question: How does Bond test his magnetic watch in Live and Let Die?
Answer: Unzip a dress.

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