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100+ Car Trivia Questions For Fast Drivers

You drive a car every single day, but how much do you know about cars in general? Car trivia questions will test your knowledge of the open road. You might even learn some new information along the way. Here are some road trip trivia questions to ask your family and friends the next time you want to test your knowledge:

Difficult Car Trivia Questions:

running black Porsche sedan
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Here are some tricky questions about sports cars, companies, and the automobile industry as a whole. See how many you can answer correctly. Then quiz your family and friends. This car trivia will stump even the smartest person in your friend group!

Which animal features in the logo for Lamborghini?

A bull.

What was the original color for all Ferrari models?


Who was a driver for Alpha Romeo before founding his own company?

Enzo Ferrari.

What does Volkswagen mean?

The ‘people’s car’.

What is the best-selling electric car in history?

The Tesla Model 3.

Japanese car company Toyota was originally established as a textiles manufacturer. True or false?


Which iconic car has appeared in seven Bond films, making its debut in the 1964 Goldfinger?

Aston Martin DB5.

green mercedes benz coupe parked on parking lot
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What is the world’s all-time best-selling car?

Toyota Corolla.

Which is the famous car that was designed to compete with the Ford Mustang?

Chevrolet Camaro.

What is the car driven by Mr. Bean, the hapless character played by Rowan Atkinson?


Who designed the Volkswagen Beetle?

Ferdinand Porsche.

Which iconic car manufacturer also made airplane engines?

Rolls Royce.

In which year did Henry Ford establish the Ford Motor Company?


Which sports car features in the Back To The Future trilogy?


black sports car
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Which race car is known as the widow maker?

Porsche 917.

What kinds of feathers are used to clean Jaguar cars before they are painted?

Emu feathers. They are used to prevent the car from attracting dust.

Who bought Rolls Royce in 1998?


What was the name given to the orange 1969 Dodge Charger in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard?

General Lee.

How many rings are in the Audi logo?


Which is the fastest road-going car in the world?

Bugatti Veyron, with a top speed of 267 mph.

orange sports car on roadway
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What is considered to be the first ‘pony car’?

Ford Mustang.

What is the oldest car company still in business today?

Mercedes Benz, originally founded in 1883.

What is the most expensive car in the world?

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which sells for a whopping $18.7 million.

What is the name of the 1984 Pontiac Trans Am, which co-stars with David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider?


What car manufacturer makes the Altima?


What size wheels come on a 2020 Tesla 3 Performance model?

20-inch wheels.

In the car industry, what do the initials BMW stand for?

Bavarian Motor Works.

blue Chevrolet coupe
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What is the name of the sport hybrid coupe that Honda began producing in 2010?


What liquid substance, invented in 1926, is used in a car’s cooling system?


What is a slang term describing putting tire chains on a truck?

Put on the iron.

Which car company uses the tagline: “The ultimate driving machine”?


Which subsidiary of General Motors established in 1985 was discontinued in 2010?


What car company came out with the RX-8 in 2004?


What is Jaguar’s first all-electric car model called?


red ferrari 458 italia on road during daytime
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What is the ability to shift from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive while the vehicle is moving called?

Shift on the fly.

What year was the first Mercury Cougar made?


Who was responsible for the introduction of the Ford Mustang in 1964?

Lee Iacocca.

Chevrolet took its name from a French race car driver. What was Mr. Chevrolet’s first name?


Which was the first mass-produced car?

Ford Model T was the first mass-produced car.

In which year was the diesel engine first introduced?


Which was the first car to break 100 bhp?

SSC Ultimate Aero.

blue porsche 911 on brown sand under white clouds during daytime
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Which was the first car to use active aerodynamics?

Porsche’s Group B rally efforts.

What type of car did Starsky and Hutch drive?

Gran Torino, fitted with standard 351 Windsor V-8 engines, dual racing mirrors, and deluxe bumpers.

What was the first Japanese car to be introduced in the United States?

Honda Accord was the first Japanese car introduced in the United States.

Which animal is on the Porsche logo?

A horse. The logo, taken from Stuttgart’s Coat of Arms, represents the stud farm on which the city was built.

What was the first car to go over 100 mph?

A 90hp Napier owned by S.E. Edge.

Who won the first-ever FIA F1 Grand Prix?

Giuseppe Antonio ‘Nino’ Farina.

Which was the first automobile company to provide seat belts as an option?

Nash Motors Company, a United States-based automobile manufacturer was the first to offer seat belts.

white coupe on paved road
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Which was the first car to get laser beam headlights?

BMW i8.

How many parts does an average car have?

On average, cars have 30,000 parts.

Which were the first cars with four-wheel drive?

Jensen FF, introduced in 1966.

In which year was the Phantom first produced?

In 2003, the four-door Phantom sedan was first produced for sale.

In which country are the most Rolls Royce products manufactured?

Indianapolis, USA.

How much horsepower did the first Rolls have?

10 HP.

Who can get a Phantom 4 model?

Only royals.

white porsche 911 on road during sunset
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What is the Rolls Royce hood ornament called?

The Rolls Royce hood ornament is called the Spirit of Ecstasy.

Which was the first car to break the sound barrier?

Thrust SSC was the first car to break the sound barrier.

The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in which year?


How much did the first Ford Mustang cost?

The first Ford Mustang was worth $2,368.

The first documented car accident was in which year?

The first documented car accident was in 1891.

Which country is the Honda Accord from?

Honda Accord is a Japanese automobile model.

In which year was the first Accord model produced?

In 1976, the first Accord was produced.

red chevrolet camaro on road during daytime
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How big was the original Accord engine?

The original Accord engine was a 1.6l four-cylinder engine.

In which year did Honda reveal Accord’s first V6 engine?


What does the Accord engine reflect?

Honda’s mission statement: the desire for accord and harmony between people, society, and automobiles.

Adaptive cruise control was incorporated in which automobile first?

Mitsubishi Diamante.

When were car radios first introduced?


What was the first production car in the world with laser headlights?

BMW’s new i8.

What was the first car launched into space?

Tesla Roadster.

What car brand sells the electric vehicle the Bolt EV?


More Classic Car Trivia Questions

running black Porsche sedan
Unsplash / Campbell

Even if you answered all of the questions above correctly, the challenge isn’t over yet. There are still some more tricky questions waiting to be answered. Here is some more car trivia that just might stump you! See how many of these car trivia questions you can get right in a row.

Question: Which was the first automobile with active four-wheel steering?
Answer: The 1988 Honda Prelude.

Question: Who developed the world’s first car?
Answer: Karl Benz.

Question: Which car sold more than one million units in 1965, setting a record?
Answer: Ford Thunderbird.

Question: In which movie did Ford feature against a rival company?
Answer: The movie ‘Ford vs Ferrari’.

Question: In 1920, which Ford model made up half the world’s cars?
Answer: Ford Model T.

Question: What is the Model T’s other name?
Answer: The Model T’s other name was the Tin Lizzie.

Question: Which model replaced Ford’s Model T?
Answer: Model A replaced the Model T.

Question: Which is one of the best-selling vehicles of Ford?
Answer: Ford F-Series trucks.

shallow focus photo of red car
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Question: Where was Toyota’s first factory built?
Answer: Toyota’s first factory was built in Koromo-cho.

Question: What was the first car made by Henry Ford?
Answer: Ford Quadricycle Runabout.

Question: In which year was the Chevrolet Corvette first introduced?
Answer: The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced in 1953.

Question: Mercedes Benz was invented by whom?
Answer: It was invented by Karl Benz.

Question: The name Mercedes was named after whom?
Answer: Emil Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes.

Question: What is the Mercedes logo?
Answer: A three pointed star.

Question: In which year did the company make its first electric vehicle?
Answer: In 1906.

Question: The company’s first automobile was test-driven by whom?
Answer: Karl Benz’s wife.

Question: Which car is considered to be the first “muscle car.”
Answer: The GTO.

Question: What was the first Japanese car to be produced in the United States?
Answer: Toyopet Crown was the first Japanese car produced in the United States.

white Aston Martin convertible parked near trees
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Question: What kind of car inspired Ferruccio Lamborghini to start his own automobile company?
Answer: 10-Lira Tractor Clutch.

Question: Do more men or women die each year in car accidents?
Answer: Men die in more car accidents than women.

Question: How much did the first Ford Mustang cost?
Answer: The first Mustang rolled off the assembly line with a list price of $2,368.

Question: How many vehicles were stolen in the US in 2019?
Answer: 721,885 thefts were recorded in the US in the year 2019.

Question: When was the first car radio invented?
Answer: 1929.

Question: What’s the most stolen car in America?
Answer: Honda Civic.

Question: What is the name of the tow truck in Disney Pixar’s Cars?
Answer: Sir Tow Mater KG is the name of the tow truck.

Question: What British automobile company made a car called the Super Snipe?
Answer: Humber Limited.

Question: Why was a national speed limit of 55 mph enacted in 1974?
Answer: The law was a response to the 1973 oil embargo, and its intent was to reduce fuel consumption.

Question: Which Mercedes-Benz concept car featured a joystick instead of a steering wheel?
Answer: F200.

Question: What car sold more than one million units in 1965, setting a record that still stands today?
Answer: Buick Wildcat Chevrolet Impala Pontiac GTO.

Question: Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche are auto manufacturers under what flagship company?
Answer: The Volkswagen Group.

Question: Who makes the model Santa Fe SUV?
Answer: Hyundai.

Question: When were electric cars invented?
Answer: 1832.

Question: What were the first sports cars?
Answer: The Prince Henry Vauxhall and the Austro-Daimler Prinz-Heinrich-Wagen.

Question: How much is average car maintenance per mile?
Answer: A new car’s routine maintenance and repairs could cost an average of $0.09 per mile.

Question: What company opened the first drive-in gas station?
Answer: The Gulf Refining Company.

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