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150+ Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Playing trivia is a great way to come together with family and friends. Invite loved ones to a game night full of good food and fun food trivia all while laughing and spending time with one another. Put your food knowledge to the test with these scrumptious quiz questions! No sweat if you’re struggling to find the right answer because this list includes food trivia questions and answers. Not to mention, a handy PDF printout in case you want these questions on hand for your next trivia night. Browse the list of questions below to discover if you truly know food better than the rest of us!

food trivia questions and answers

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Food Trivia Questions

Grab your favorite snack and beverage because this list of food trivia is sure to drop your jaw. Find questions on all food groups from fast food to nutritious meals and more. With questions ranging from easy to hard, people of all ages will find this trivia game fun, so it’s time to test your knowledge of food and show off what you know!

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Fast Food Trivia Questions & Answers

Trivia Question: What iconic meal did McDonald’s introduce in 1968?
Answer: Big Mac

Trivia Question: How many herbs and spices are in Colonel Harland Sanders’ original KFC recipe?
Answer: 11

Trivia Question: What popular Mexican fast-food chain was purchased by Denny’s restaurants in 1983?
Answer: El Pollo Loco

Trivia Question: What was the name of Subway’s previous spokesman who apparently lost 245 lbs. eating only Subway products?
Answer: Jared Fogle

Trivia Question: In 1997, Taco Bell launched an advertising campaign that grew to be wildly popular. What animal was the star of this campaign?
Answer: A talking Chihuahua

Trivia Question: Which fast food restaurant still boards the slogan “Have it your way”?
Answer: Burger King

Trivia Question: Which fast-food franchise is credited with creating the very first, modern drive-thru window?
Answer: Wendy’s

Trivia Question: When was In-N-Out Burger founded?
Answer: 1948

Trivia Question: Where was Pizza Hut’s first restaurant built?
Answer: Wichita, Kansas

Trivia Question: What were chicken nuggets called when they were first invented?
Answer: Chicken Crispies

Trivia Question: Which fast-food chain has the famous slogan, “Eat fresh!”
Answer: Subway

Trivia Question: Which famous takeout container was invented by Frederick Weeks Wilcox in 1894?
Answer: Chinese Takeout Box

Trivia Question: Which subs shop is famous for their toasted sub sandwiches?
Answer: Quiznos

Trivia Question: Which fast-food chain is known to “have the meats”?
Answer: Arby’s

Trivia Question: Ignacio Anaya invented which popular fast food meal during WWII?
Answer: Nachos

Trivia Question: July 13th is dedicated to which fast food in the U.S.A.?
Answer: French Fries

Trivia Question: What was the first fast-food chain in China?
Answer: KFC

Trivia Question: Which fast-food chain has the most locations in the world?
Answer: Subway

Trivia Question: The signature burger of this fast-food chain is marked by a “Famous Star”.
Answer: Carl’s Jr.

Trivia Question: How many spots are on the Dominoe’s pizza logo?
Answer: Three

Trivia Question: Which breakfast chain is known for its “Grand-Slam Meal”?
Answer: Denny’s

Trivia Question: What is the most common pizza topping?
Answer: Pepperoni

Trivia Question: What is Dunkin’ Donuts’ slogan?
Answer: America runs on Dunkin’

Trivia Question: How many ice cream flavors does Baskin-Robins have?
Answer: 31

Trivia Question: Which ice cream treat is Dairy Queen famous for?
Answer: Blizzard

Trivia Question: Which fast-food chain got its start in a Shell gas station?
Answer: KFC

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Beverage Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: Coca-Cola was first sold in which state?
Answer: Georgia

Trivia Question: What is the oldest soft drink in America?
Answer: Dr. Pepper

Trivia Question: During prohibition, which soft drink was developed as an alternative to alcohol?
Answer: IBC Root Beer

Trivia Question: Which fruit is used to flavor the liqueur, Southern Comfort?
Answer: Peach

Trivia Question: Which soft drink was originally invented as a mixer for whiskey?
Answer: Mountain Dew

Trivia Question: Which U.S. state is the only state to grow coffee beans?
Answer: Hawaii

Trivia Question: A “screwdriver” drink consists of what?
Answer: Orange juice and vodka

Trivia Question: Which animal is commonly associated with Budweiser beer?
Answer: Clydesdale horses

Trivia Question: Which popular cherry-flavored soda was created over 100 years ago?
Answer: Cheerwine

Trivia Question: What do peach schnapps and orange juice make?
Answer: Fuzzy Navel

Trivia Question: Which popular cocktail is known to be served in a copper mug?
Answer: Moscow Mule

Trivia Question: What is Maxwell Coffee named after?
Answer: The Maxwell Hotel

Trivia Question: Which spirit is known to be made from fermented rice?
Answer: Sake

Trivia Question: When was cocaine removed from the famous soft drink, Coca-Cola?
Answer: 1929

Trivia Question: What popular drink advertises as being “sports fuel”?
Answer: Gatorade

Trivia Question: What’s the largest selling vodka brand in the world?
Answer: Smirnoff

Trivia Question: What are the ingredients in a kamikaze cocktail?
Answer: Vodka, triple sec, and lime juice

Trivia Question: Jack Daniels whiskey is made in which U.S. state?
Answer: Tennessee

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Trivia Questions About Sweets

Trivia Question: Traditionally, what kind of icing frosts a carrot cake?
Answer: Cream cheese

Trivia Question: Which ingredients combine to create a ganache?
Answer: Whipping cream and melted chocolate

Trivia Question: Black Forest cake originated in which country?
Answer: Germany

Trivia Question: Other than butter, what is the main ingredient in buttercream frosting?
Answer: Powdered sugar

Trivia Question: In a New Orleans classic, bread pudding, what liquor is poured on top?
Answer: Bourbon

Trivia Question: What are the three components in the fancy dessert, baked Alaska?
Answer: Sponge cake, meringue, and ice cream

Trivia Question: A turtle candy is commonly made out of which three ingredients?
Answer: Caramel, chocolate, and pecans

Trivia Question: What was the profession of William Morrison, the man who invented machine-spun cotton candy?
Answer: Dentist

Trivia Question: Which dessert is named after a famous ballerina?
Answer: Raspberry Pavlova

Trivia Question: What is meant to be the main flavor in a traditional tiramisu?
Answer: Coffee

Trivia Question: Which popular Greek dessert is made from filo pastry?
Answer: Baklava

Trivia Question: The name for this popular dessert stems from the French word for “froth” or “foam”.
Answer: Mousse

Trivia Question: Which cake is known as the oldest cake in existence?
Answer: Linzer Torte

Trivia Question: What are the four main ingredients in ice cream?
Answer: Eggs, milk, cream, and sugar

Trivia Question: What was the first JELL-O pudding flavor made in 1936?
Answer: Chocolate

Trivia Question: Which distinct ingredient is used in Italian cheesecakes?
Answer: Ricotta cheese

Trivia Question: A common cookie made around Christmas time includes the ingredients of egg whites and coconut. What is the name of this cookie?
Answer: Coconut macaroon

Trivia Question: Percentage-wise, how much of a Twinkie consists of air?
Answer: 68%

Trivia Question: What was the name of the eleven-year-old boy that created popsicles?
Answer: Frank Epperson

Trivia Question: Which candy bar is named after the Mars’ family horse?
Answer: Snickers

Trivia Question: Marzipan is made from which nuts?
Answer: Almonds

Trivia Question: Soda mixed with ice cream creates which dessert?
Answer: A float

Trivia Question: What is the best-selling packaged cookie in the United States?
Answer: Oreo’s

Trivia Question: In which state was the chocolate chip cookie invented?
Answer: Massachusetts

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Food Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: What is the world’s most expensive spice?
Answer: Saffron

Trivia Question: A Scoville scale is used to measure what?
Answer: The spicy heat of peppers

Trivia Question: What is the culinary term for “according to the menu”?
Answer: A la Carte

Trivia Question: What is the national dish of China?
Answer: Peking duck

Trivia Question: What is the national dish of Scotland?
Answer: Haggis

Trivia Question: Haricot beans are used to make what?
Answer: Baked beans

Trivia Question: Mageirocophobia is the fear of what?
Answer: Cooking

Trivia Question: Saffron spice is obtained from which flower?
Answer: Crocus

Trivia Question: Which country is known to host the largest farm in the world?
Answer: China with the Mudanjiang City Mega Farm taking up almost 23 million acres

Trivia Question: What was ketchup used as during the 1830s?
Answer: Medicine

Trivia Question: In 1974, what was the first product scanned by a UPC scanner?
Answer: Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum

Trivia Question: Bubble tea originated in which country?
Answer: Taiwan

Trivia Question: The technical name for the white part of an egg is known as what?
Answer: Albumen

Trivia Question: Chefs are careful when preparing the Japanese fish “fugu”, why?
Answer: Its flesh is poisonous

Trivia Question: What is the name of the small, flat griddle used to cook tortillas and meat in Mexico?
Answer: Comal

Trivia Question: What chemical is used to test for sugars in food?
Answer: Benedict’s Solution

Trivia Question: What is a flageolet?
Answer: Bean

Trivia Question: In Indian cuisine, what is roti?
Answer: Bread

Trivia Question: In medical emergencies, coconut water can also be used as what?
Answer: Blood plasma

Trivia Question: Which food is known to be the most stolen in the world?
Answer: Cheese

Trivia Question: What is traditionally eaten the day before Ash Wednesday in the U.K.?
Answer: Pancakes

Trivia Question: Which country exports the largest amount of food?
Answer: The United States of America

Trivia Question: What is the only vitamin not found in an egg?
Answer: Vitamin C

Food Trivia Questions for Kids

Trivia Question: Which is the only edible food that never expires?
Answer: Honey

Trivia Question: What amount comes in a baker’s dozen?
Answer: 13

Trivia Question: What does the word “kosher” mean in Hebrew?
Answer: Proper

Trivia Question: How many calories are in one gram of fat?
Answer: 9 calories

Trivia Question: When baking chicken, what is known to be the minimum safe internal temperature?
Answer: 165 degrees Fahrenheit

Trivia Question: How is white sugar converted into brown sugar?
Answer: By adding molasses

Trivia Question: Dijon mustard is a product of which country?
Answer: France

Trivia Question: Which country is known for introducing chopsticks?
Answer: China

Trivia Question: Venison comes from which animal?
Answer: Deer

Trivia Question: Which Chinese dish literally means “assorted pieces”?
Answer: Chop Suey

Trivia Question: The soup, Pho, originated in which country?
Answer: Vietnam

Trivia Question: The popular drink, matcha, originated in which country?
Answer: Japan

Trivia Question: Chimichurri sauce originated in which country?
Answer: Argentina

Trivia Question: Which Asian country is known to be the world’s leading producer of tea?
Answer: China

Trivia Question: What dish is also known as bean curd?
Answer: Tofu

Trivia Question: Calamari is what type of fish?
Answer: Squid

Trivia Question: Which state consumes the most turkey on Thanksgiving day?
Answer: California

Trivia Question: What spread is common in Australia to add to toast and crackers?
Answer: Vegemite

Trivia Question: Sushi is commonly wrapped in what?
Answer: Seaweed

Trivia Question: Are almonds considered seeds or nuts?
Answer: Seeds

Trivia Question: Flour cooked with fat is known to make what?
Answer: A roux

Trivia Question: What causes bread to rise?
Answer: Yeast

Trivia Question: Who is known as the inventor of frozen foods?
Answer: Clarence Birdseye

Trivia Question: Scurvy is caused by a lack of this vitamin.
Answer: Vitamin C

Trivia Question: Which food is made from the skin and bones of animals?
Answer: Gelatin

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Fruit & Vegetable Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: The South American vegetable, cassava, is also known as what?
Answer: Yam

Trivia Question: Which vegetable was the first to be grown in space?
Answer: Potato

Trivia Question: Potatoes, turnips, and carrots are all considered what types of vegetables?
Answer: Root vegetables

Trivia Question: What is the weight of the world’s largest carrot?
Answer: 10 lbs.

Trivia Question: Approximately, how many seeds are in a strawberry?
Answer: 200

Trivia Question: Which fruit contains more vitamin C, kiwi or oranges?
Answer: Kiwi

Trivia Question: Peaches that have smooth and shiny skin are known as what?
Answer: Nectarines

Trivia Question: The small, edible pieces of a pomegranate are known as what?
Answer: Arils

Trivia Question: How many avocado varieties exist?
Answer: 500

Trivia Question: Which pepper is currently known to be the hottest in the world? (2021)
Answer: The Carolina Reaper

Trivia Question: To Italians, which vegetable is known as the “crazy apple”?
Answer: Eggplant

Trivia Question: Which kind of fruit does an Arthur Turner plant produce?
Answer: Apple

Trivia Question: Broccoli originated on which continent?
Answer: Europe

Trivia Question: A cucumber contains what percentage of water?
Answer: 90%

Trivia Question: What is the segment inside an orange called?
Answer: Carpel

Trivia Question: Which country grew the first strawberries?
Answer: France

Trivia Question: What type of fruit is a ‘pink lady’?
Answer: An apple

Trivia Question: Starfruit is also known by which name?
Answer: Carambola

Trivia Question: Sauerkraut is composed of which vegetable?
Answer: Cabbage

Trivia Question: What is known as the “world’s smelliest fruit”?
Answer: Durian

Trivia Question: Avocados are also known as what?
Answer: Alligator pears

Trivia Question: What is considered to be the oldest vegetable?
Answer: Pea

Trivia Question: How many segments are inside most oranges?
Answer: 10

Trivia Question: Prunes are made from what?
Answer: Dried plums

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More Fun Trivia Questions and Answers

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