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August 3, 2013

51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

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I am now incredibly afraid to be alone in the apartment from now on. Read more freaky stories here. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. TheSpiderFromMars


2. Charlesworths

The Hinterkaifeck murders.

Footprints had been found leading to the house, but not returning a few days before the murder

3. RoflPancakeMix

Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley.

Basically, a girl goes missing during a cruise with her family in 1998. A year later, a guy reported being approached by her at a brothel. She told him her name is Amy Bradley and asked him to help her. Before he could do anything, she was escorted upstairs. That guy ended up reporting this to the police… Several months later. By the time he reported it, the brothel had been burned down.

4. Subwaycookienipples

Jack the Ripper. Strangled, disemboweled, cut up prostitutes and f*cking got away with it.

6. forumrabbit

Harold Holt. Australian PM goes swimming off the coast of Portsea (the open sea is notoriously rough near the bay opening), despite it being common knowledge that the water is far too violent for swimming.
He goes swimming and dies despite guards being there, but his body was never found.

7. Bazzcry

Back in the 40s my home town had a streak of about 10 unsolved murders, all believed to be committed by the same person. All the victims were teenage couples, usually killed while doing it in their cars at midnight. The incident came to be known as the Moonlight Murder Spree, and the mysterious killer came to be known as “The Phantom Slayer”.

8. caitlinadian

Taman Shud for sure.

9. JustAPoop

Those green kids from the 1800’s or something. the green children of woolpit, they said they lived underground, in a big civilization of green people. The boy died, the girl learned English and lost her ‘green tint’.

10. Crimsonnrose

Scariest unsolved mystery for myself is the ourang Medan. It was a ship that had sent out an SOS and then a message said “captain and his crew found dead in chartroom. Possible entire ship’s crew dead. I die.” And soon after, a boarding party was sent out. They found all the crew lying on their backs, eyes wide open and all out on the front deck. They found the crew’s dog barking at nothing and the ship sank as it was being towed to shore.

11. scrotum_nachos

Although a lifeboat was missing, The Mary Celeste still freaks me out. A lot.

12. RedditName

The Gilgo Beach Killer… 12 murdered and no suspects.

13. brettship2007

Every missing child case that is unsolved

14. Drooperdoo

I noticed a weird shadow in the corner of my daughter’s room that was never there before. It was an odd dog-shaped shadow (like the head and shoulders of a German Shepherd). After tucking her in at night, I noticed it. At first I paid very little attention to it. Then two nights later, I was driven to try and find the source of the new shadow. I turned off lights, put my hand in front of the venetian blinds over the window; I examined ambient light sources. Nothing I did affected the shadow, or allowed me to trace its source. It was bizarre. But I still wasn’t terribly spooked. Then one night, I found myself sleeping in my daughter’s bed (after her brother kicked me out of my own bed, subsequent to snuggling in between my wife and I.)

My daughter was away with her grandparents camping, so I took her bed. At around three in the morning, my foot brushed the wall (near the shadow). For some reason, my body recoiled–as if some instinctive, visceral impulse was telling me not to touch it. It was so jarring that I woke up a little bit. Only after that did I become more suspicious about the strange new shadow. I felt as if my subconscious (but no: not my subconscious. Something deeper and more primitive) was warning me about its true nature. I almost instantly dismissed this paranoid thought. But it resurfaced the next night, when my daughter came home and I was tucking her in. She said apropos of nothing, “Have you noticed that shadow there? The one in the corner? I’ve never noticed it before. But it’s been here since last week.” I was stunned that she, too, had recognized that it was new. (Like myself, she couldn’t determine its source.) It was just suddenly . . . there. I carried out my duty as a parent and pretended as if it was nothing. Just a trick of light, I said. I paid it no more attention, and encouraged her to do the same. Then a few nights later, I was unsettled yet again, when, just as mysteriously as it appeared, it vanished. No furniture was different in her room. Same venetian blinds. Same light fixtures. Same everything. But now suddenly, the shadow was gone.

What the hell was it? What created it? Why did my body (quite apart from my conscious mind) recoil when my foot brushed it? I’m a grown-ass man and I’m still perplexed by it.

15. aetbeut

Whenever I almost finished a bowl of cereal, I held it up to my mouth and drank remaining milk. But every time I did that I could see some strange figure standing behind me. I could see it through the reflection at the bottom of the bowl. I freaked out and I couldn’t figure out what the heck the figure was for a long time. I thought some kind of ghost was always following behind me. Then about a year later, I found what it was. It was my thumb holding the bowl.

16. BatardNoix

Tara Calico’s dissapearance

17. Auraeuphorialic

The Zimbabwe school alien sighting.

Basically a bunch of kids, I think the whole class, aged between 8-10 or something like that, is playing outside when they notice someone looking at them.. they all stop and start screaming and run to their teachers.
They all described a some odd looking beings – and all of them describe the same thing.

18. xCBS

I think the West Memphis 3 are a good candidate.

It all starts when 3 boys are together outside playing. The step father of one of the boys reports them missing.

During a mass manhunt for the missing boys someone finds 3 mutilated bodies of the 2nd grade children by a creek. They had be castrated, hogtied and stripped naked.
The entire community went on a witch hunt and blamed 3 teenagers because they were dark, and did dark things. Like praised satan and whatnot.

Anyway, the three teenagers were convicted of murder and kidnapping, basically because of their looks and practices. Then 18 years later they are acquitted on new DNA evidence.
Since then no one knows who did it.

19. limesta

Vladimir Komarov

20. Read-It-Reddit

A mysterious radio station that has been constantly broadcasting since the early 1970s from an unknown location in Russia. It broadcasts this weird buzzing sound, and has been interrupted by creepy voice transmissions in Russian. Nobody knows the purpose of the radio station, who oversees it, etc. Interesting stuff.

21. RedditName

The Alphabet Murders. I think most people have heard of these.

From wiki: “The so-called “Alphabet murders” (also known as the “double initial murders”) took place in the early 1970s in the Rochester, New York, area; three young girls were raped and strangled.”

22. RedditName

The disappearance of Maury Murray.What intrigues me so much about this case is not so much that she disappeared, although of course, that’s interesting because no trace of her has been found, but no that’s not the real mystery to me.

23. calicoan

Chicago Tylenol murders

24. MarvelousMagikarp

As a native Nova Scotian, the money pit on Oak Island interests me very much.

Basically, it’s a very, very deep hole (like, 150+ feet deep) that many speculate to be some sort of pirate treasure location. There are things like metal and logs as deep as 100 feet, and some stones with inscriptions that hint at treasure. Everytime they dig deep enough, the pit floods.

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25. CrazyCapitalist

I know I put four pairs of socks in the dryer, I have 7 socks now. My theory is the spinning action creates a wormhole that has enough energy to send one sock into the far reaches of the universe, where a mirror image of me is wondering where the extra sock came from.

26. cybercreep

Philadelphia Experiment

27. Shadow_Wielder

Boy in the Box (Philadelphia)


I drive through the Texas Killing Fields every day.

It’s creepy as 5 fucks at night. One has to wonder HOW MANY MORE bodies are around there. It’s MILES of marshy open sludge: it’s surrounded by Big-Oil plants along the back side.
They made a movie about them….

29. kjt231

My dad was driving from Hanover, New Hampshire to Sharon, Vermont – about a 15 minute drive – after a long night of studying at the Dartmouth library. After placing his books in the trunk and turning on the radio, he took a look at the clock and noted it was 12:06am. My dad drove onto the two lane highway and headed home. About 12:11 he saw a very bright light coming towards him, but he quickly dismissed it as the high beams of an 18 wheeler and focused his attention on the road. The light grew brighter and brighter until suddenly he started hitting the brakes and swerving to the right to avoid this huge vehicle. The light vanished. My dad was driving on the road towards Sharon. He took a look at the clock. 2:13am.

30. Jay_dee_

I’m still unsure how much I personally believe it, but if true the smiley face killer is one fucked up mystery.

31. BlueOak777

Beginning just before Halloween in 1939, the citizens of Provincetown, Massachusetts were startled by the sudden, eerie appearance of a mysterious Black Flash—an impossibly tall and gangly, impossibly fast human-like creature who appeared dressed in a black suit, and without a face.

According to witnesses, the Black Flash also made a loud buzzing sound. Witnesses would report seeing the Black Flash in one location, and a minute later, other reports would come in of sightings across town.

Slenderman at his best.

32. qtrules

Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion. sends shivers down my spine every time i think about it.

33. gem_eater

Personal experience that made me afraid of the woods at night. I was eleven years old and my buddy and I decided it would be fun to go out “ghost hunting” in the middle of the night just the two of us. We ventured out into the woods with a single dim flashlight which my buddy kept hold of the entire trip. Not long after we had started searching the woods I noticed something that stood out amongst the brush. Being as my friend had the flashlight I had to try and direct the beam by instruction, which was unnervingly difficult. I pointed him to the bush where I had seen something unusual, directing him to the precise spot. The flashlight quickly lighted upon a mans face with a wide-eyed expression. The moment the light touched him he burst through the bushes coming at us at full speed. We screamed and ran in a moment of pure terror with the sound of heavy footfalls at our back and the feeling of sand projecting off the mans steps onto the backs of our legs. He pursued us relentlessly until we reached my buddy’s well lit backyard and ran inside and locked all the doors and windows. Took me a long time to feel comfortable in the woods at night after that.

34. blondedre3000

the case of the missing germans

35. Fuzzy_Ramblings

Why the Fast and The Furious movies continue to be successful.

36. narweenie

Nazca lines. Not really scary, but if I remember correctly, they were very long (like around 660 ft?) and although there’s speculation as to how they got there, there’s no real answer as to how they were made so accurately on such a large scale back then.

37. DasUberVega

This is my own personal story so you may choose to believe it or not, but to me it was the creepiest experience of my life which is still a mystery to this day.

It was the summer of 1999 in a small middle of no where town called Accord, NY in an old summer camp which was converted over to small vacation homes. I was 12 years old and was running around playing man hunt (hide and seek with a jail and base) with a group of my friends. There must have been about 10 of us playing.

After we were done playing we would sit in the middle of the camp and watch the stars. The camp is surrounded by woods and in the spot we were sitting we were no more then 30 yards from the edge of the woods.
I happened to be positioned in the circle so that I was facing the woods, and between all the laughing and talking I saw a figure emerge from the darkness near the forest. I wasn’t scared at first but more puzzled at what I was looking at. It had a humanoid shape, It was nearly completely white, had arms which extended to its knees, and was very thin. The way it walked was probably what creeped me out the most. It’s arms swung in a very strange way, with very long swings and very smooth motion

As it emerged from the woods it was walking along a tennis court fence and it’s head was just about at the top of the fence. Which would make it seem it was about 10 ft tall. It walked along the tennis court fence and then turned the corner and headed back into the woods.

While this was all happening I pointed it out to all the kids that were there with me. Some got up and ran, a bunch of us stayed and watched the entire time.

The following morning we went to area we saw the creature and tried to look for signs that would help us identify what it was. We found nothing. then we tried to figure out how someone could prank us so good. We thought maybe two adults got together and put one on the shoulders of another, but that doesn’t even come close to the height of the creature we saw, and how would they make themselves look so thin? How would they make their arms seem so long? How could the move so smoothly and walk up a hill like that? There were so many questions we had, and no solid explanation for these answers.

To this day, the white creature we saw that night remains a mystery to us. And one we will most likely never solve.

38. Makirs46

Eight young men have been found drowned in Wisconsin in the last decade, many in La Crosse. Thus far, police have ruled all the deaths accidental. Others have been found dead in the Mississippi River or other bodies of water in Iowa and Minnesota.

They mostly go missing around bar time. As someone who spent many college nights in downtown La Crosse, WI site of 8 of these deaths), I can tell you there is no way they simply “wandered” into the river or got to the bridge (the opposite way of campus) without being noticed.

39. megahitler

Mutilated cows. What the f*ck is up with that shit?

40. MafuZa

Numbers stations are basically radio stations found all around the world, that broadcast artificially generated voices reciting non-stop streams of random numbers and codes in various languages. No one seems to be able to locate their origins and no one know what on earth they are, what they’re for and why they are broadcast.

41. grasswasgreener

I cannot remember the name he was given, but recently i was watching america’s most wanted and it told of a killer that climbs in through open windows and kills couples. Usually tortures the male first, but keeps him alive as he rapes and kills the woman and then he kills them both by beating them to death. The scariest part is that he’s still out there. Even though our room is upstairs, i still get a little freaked out when we sleep with the window open.

42. marcm6246

Falcon Lake incident

43. vanillathundah

Wanda beach murders..

44. giulianosse

Nazi experiments/occultism researches.

I’d give everything to know the secrets behind those things.

45. BeautifulKiller

There was a story my former english teacher told our class. I don’t remember the whole story and I think I missed some things, because this was about 4 years ago when she told us (and I’m not a great storyteller, I apologize (also for my english)). She told us the story from time to time which took overall hours and it was fucking creepy the way she told us. I know it sounds like a horror story/movie, but … I just don’t know. But anyway and after all I wanna tell this story.

Back when she lived in Amsterdam (when she was young, so about 25 years ago, before she moved to the south of Germany), she had a small apartment in an old house under the attic. The house itself was very old and kind of ‘open’ for strangers. Sometimes alcoholics got in and drank/slept in the hallway and in the attic. And because of that was there some noise in the old house. At night she kept hearing these noises from the attic. One night/late evening she went outside in a small street to buy some stuff. Then some black clothed stranger stole walked slow by her, as she wanted to go home and stole her purse or something. She went after him. He was kinda quicker than her, but she followed him into a industrial area, before he somehow disappeared… or lost him in the fog or something. He was gone.

She went home afterwards. Now I don’t remember exactly what happened next. But after she got out of the shower (a few days after this incident) there was a word written on the blurred mirror, which kinda made no sense in the common language. I don’t remember the word exactly, but my teacher thought is was some kind of a name. She asked in the neigborhood if the word or the name had some kind of a meaning, but I’m not sure if somebody could tell her something. When she got back home (after work the next days) her stuff was spread all over the apartment, and with lipstick written on the mirrors and windows again this word. She was just creeped out till end. She wanted to go upstairs to the attic and talk to these alcoholics but she was too scared. She called her brother and his friends to stay over at night. As she told, they were tough guys and wouldn’t mind beat those guys up. I don’t know, but these noises from the attic where louder than ususal and finally they went upstairs. She stayed in her apartment.

After a few moments her brother and his friends came down, serious as hell, grabbed a few things and told her “Get the hell out of the house, you’re coming with us, right now!”. She had no time to ask, she grabbed some of the stuff and drove with the guys to her brothers house. During the driving everyone was quiet. She tried to ask them what happened or what they found up there, but she couldn’t get an answer. Her brother was normally not that type of guy. He was always fun and open, but he was serious as fuck and drove like he was insane. The next days they kept telling her, how she’ll never go back into that house again. She found another flat somewhere else near Amsterdam, but she thought her brother and the guys… kind of changed. Everytime she tried to ask, what was in the attic, her brother started to scream at her. Even the brothers wife didn’t know what was going on with him and was kind of desperate. She never knew what was up there or what happened there. The followed years one or two of the friends turned into alcoholics and went to psychiatrists. Her brother was never the same again. She tried asking him from time to time again, but he always avoided that coversation. In that year she told us (2009/2010), she said her brother called her and was ready to tell her, what happened 25 years ago…

We still don’t know. She promised, she would tell us, what happened, but it was the end of the school year and the next year (which was our last year at the school), we got a new english teacher. There was not really a chance to finish the story because her brother lives still in the Netherlands. I’m still dying to hear what happened. Now i’m not that great storyteller, but the way she told us the full version of the story… woah.

46. PsyTheLoser

The YOGTZE case. IB4: No Dinosaur Walking!

In 1984 an unemployed guy called Günther Stoll (used to work as a technician in the food industry), from Anzhausen in Germany is suffering from paranoia. From time to time he talks about “them” who want to hurt or kill him but never says who “they” are. On the 25th of October 1984, around 11pm, while his wife is present, he suddenly stands up from his chair and says: “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!”(germ. “I got it!”/”Now I understand!”) and writes down YOGTZE(the G might be a 6) and leaves.

Later that night he shows up in his favorite pub in Wilnsdorf. He orders a beer but suddenly falls from his chair and hurts his face. Witnesses say that he was not drunk at this time.
He leaves immediately after and shows up at 1 am in Haigerseelbach where he grew up and knocked at the door of an old lady who was his former neighbor. She was known for her religiosity and he was eager to come in and have a talk with her. According to her he was talking about “horrible incidents which will take place tonight”. At the end she didn’t let him in because it was 1 am and he seemed confused.
Till here it sounds like just another guy with paranoia but here is where it gets interessting:

At 3 am two truck driver find Stoll’s damaged car in the roadside ditch of the Autobahn 45 near Hagen-Süd. Both witnessed that they saw four men, in bright cloths, walking around the wreck. They stopped, stepped out of their truck and headed to the emergency telephone nearby, at the side of the road, to call for help. After that they walked over to the wreck and found Stoll in his car, he was naked and heavily injure but conscious. He said that there used to be other men with him in the car but that they hit the road. He died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital.
The police later found out that the deadly injury was not caused by the accident but that someone drove over him, while he was already naked, and later put him into his car.
Till this day no one knows what really happened that night and what the meaning of YOGTZE is.

47. hpstrprgmr

Michelle Bachman

48. rb4r

The Mcpherson Tape

Some scary shit.

49. andy_panzer

F*ckin’ magnets. How do they work?

50. DovakiinBF3FTW

The Solway Firth Spaceman will always be the creepiest for me. A man takes a picture of his daughter and when he gets it developed he sees a strange figure in a space suit in the background of the photo. This was in the 1960’s. Here’s the link if you’re interested

51. raverbashing

The Isdal Woman

This is really scary. TC mark

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