51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

38. Makirs46

Eight young men have been found drowned in Wisconsin in the last decade, many in La Crosse. Thus far, police have ruled all the deaths accidental. Others have been found dead in the Mississippi River or other bodies of water in Iowa and Minnesota.

They mostly go missing around bar time. As someone who spent many college nights in downtown La Crosse, WI site of 8 of these deaths), I can tell you there is no way they simply “wandered” into the river or got to the bridge (the opposite way of campus) without being noticed.

39. megahitler

Mutilated cows. What the f*ck is up with that shit?

40. MafuZa

Numbers stations are basically radio stations found all around the world, that broadcast artificially generated voices reciting non-stop streams of random numbers and codes in various languages. No one seems to be able to locate their origins and no one know what on earth they are, what they’re for and why they are broadcast.

41. grasswasgreener

I cannot remember the name he was given, but recently i was watching america’s most wanted and it told of a killer that climbs in through open windows and kills couples. Usually tortures the male first, but keeps him alive as he rapes and kills the woman and then he kills them both by beating them to death. The scariest part is that he’s still out there. Even though our room is upstairs, i still get a little freaked out when we sleep with the window open.

42. marcm6246

Falcon Lake incident

43. vanillathundah

Wanda beach murders..

44. giulianosse

Nazi experiments/occultism researches.

I’d give everything to know the secrets behind those things.

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