51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

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25. CrazyCapitalist

I know I put four pairs of socks in the dryer, I have 7 socks now. My theory is the spinning action creates a wormhole that has enough energy to send one sock into the far reaches of the universe, where a mirror image of me is wondering where the extra sock came from.

26. cybercreep

Philadelphia Experiment

27. Shadow_Wielder

Boy in the Box (Philadelphia)


I drive through the Texas Killing Fields every day.

It’s creepy as 5 fucks at night. One has to wonder HOW MANY MORE bodies are around there. It’s MILES of marshy open sludge: it’s surrounded by Big-Oil plants along the back side.
They made a movie about them….

29. kjt231

My dad was driving from Hanover, New Hampshire to Sharon, Vermont – about a 15 minute drive – after a long night of studying at the Dartmouth library. After placing his books in the trunk and turning on the radio, he took a look at the clock and noted it was 12:06am. My dad drove onto the two lane highway and headed home. About 12:11 he saw a very bright light coming towards him, but he quickly dismissed it as the high beams of an 18 wheeler and focused his attention on the road. The light grew brighter and brighter until suddenly he started hitting the brakes and swerving to the right to avoid this huge vehicle. The light vanished. My dad was driving on the road towards Sharon. He took a look at the clock. 2:13am.

30. Jay_dee_

I’m still unsure how much I personally believe it, but if true the smiley face killer is one fucked up mystery.

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