51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

I am now incredibly afraid to be alone in the apartment from now on. Read more freaky stories here. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. TheSpiderFromMars


2. Charlesworths

The Hinterkaifeck murders.

Footprints had been found leading to the house, but not returning a few days before the murder

3. RoflPancakeMix

Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley.

Basically, a girl goes missing during a cruise with her family in 1998. A year later, a guy reported being approached by her at a brothel. She told him her name is Amy Bradley and asked him to help her. Before he could do anything, she was escorted upstairs. That guy ended up reporting this to the police… Several months later. By the time he reported it, the brothel had been burned down.

4. Subwaycookienipples

Jack the Ripper. Strangled, disemboweled, cut up prostitutes and f*cking got away with it.

6. forumrabbit

Harold Holt. Australian PM goes swimming off the coast of Portsea (the open sea is notoriously rough near the bay opening), despite it being common knowledge that the water is far too violent for swimming.
He goes swimming and dies despite guards being there, but his body was never found.

7. Bazzcry

Back in the 40s my home town had a streak of about 10 unsolved murders, all believed to be committed by the same person. All the victims were teenage couples, usually killed while doing it in their cars at midnight. The incident came to be known as the Moonlight Murder Spree, and the mysterious killer came to be known as “The Phantom Slayer”.

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