51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

34. blondedre3000

the case of the missing germans

35. Fuzzy_Ramblings

Why the Fast and The Furious movies continue to be successful.

36. narweenie

Nazca lines. Not really scary, but if I remember correctly, they were very long (like around 660 ft?) and although there’s speculation as to how they got there, there’s no real answer as to how they were made so accurately on such a large scale back then.

37. DasUberVega

This is my own personal story so you may choose to believe it or not, but to me it was the creepiest experience of my life which is still a mystery to this day.

It was the summer of 1999 in a small middle of no where town called Accord, NY in an old summer camp which was converted over to small vacation homes. I was 12 years old and was running around playing man hunt (hide and seek with a jail and base) with a group of my friends. There must have been about 10 of us playing.

After we were done playing we would sit in the middle of the camp and watch the stars. The camp is surrounded by woods and in the spot we were sitting we were no more then 30 yards from the edge of the woods.
I happened to be positioned in the circle so that I was facing the woods, and between all the laughing and talking I saw a figure emerge from the darkness near the forest. I wasn’t scared at first but more puzzled at what I was looking at. It had a humanoid shape, It was nearly completely white, had arms which extended to its knees, and was very thin. The way it walked was probably what creeped me out the most. It’s arms swung in a very strange way, with very long swings and very smooth motion

As it emerged from the woods it was walking along a tennis court fence and it’s head was just about at the top of the fence. Which would make it seem it was about 10 ft tall. It walked along the tennis court fence and then turned the corner and headed back into the woods.

While this was all happening I pointed it out to all the kids that were there with me. Some got up and ran, a bunch of us stayed and watched the entire time.

The following morning we went to area we saw the creature and tried to look for signs that would help us identify what it was. We found nothing. then we tried to figure out how someone could prank us so good. We thought maybe two adults got together and put one on the shoulders of another, but that doesn’t even come close to the height of the creature we saw, and how would they make themselves look so thin? How would they make their arms seem so long? How could the move so smoothly and walk up a hill like that? There were so many questions we had, and no solid explanation for these answers.

To this day, the white creature we saw that night remains a mystery to us. And one we will most likely never solve.

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