51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

45. BeautifulKiller

There was a story my former english teacher told our class. I don’t remember the whole story and I think I missed some things, because this was about 4 years ago when she told us (and I’m not a great storyteller, I apologize (also for my english)). She told us the story from time to time which took overall hours and it was fucking creepy the way she told us. I know it sounds like a horror story/movie, but … I just don’t know. But anyway and after all I wanna tell this story.

Back when she lived in Amsterdam (when she was young, so about 25 years ago, before she moved to the south of Germany), she had a small apartment in an old house under the attic. The house itself was very old and kind of ‘open’ for strangers. Sometimes alcoholics got in and drank/slept in the hallway and in the attic. And because of that was there some noise in the old house. At night she kept hearing these noises from the attic. One night/late evening she went outside in a small street to buy some stuff. Then some black clothed stranger stole walked slow by her, as she wanted to go home and stole her purse or something. She went after him. He was kinda quicker than her, but she followed him into a industrial area, before he somehow disappeared… or lost him in the fog or something. He was gone.

She went home afterwards. Now I don’t remember exactly what happened next. But after she got out of the shower (a few days after this incident) there was a word written on the blurred mirror, which kinda made no sense in the common language. I don’t remember the word exactly, but my teacher thought is was some kind of a name. She asked in the neigborhood if the word or the name had some kind of a meaning, but I’m not sure if somebody could tell her something. When she got back home (after work the next days) her stuff was spread all over the apartment, and with lipstick written on the mirrors and windows again this word. She was just creeped out till end. She wanted to go upstairs to the attic and talk to these alcoholics but she was too scared. She called her brother and his friends to stay over at night. As she told, they were tough guys and wouldn’t mind beat those guys up. I don’t know, but these noises from the attic where louder than ususal and finally they went upstairs. She stayed in her apartment.

After a few moments her brother and his friends came down, serious as hell, grabbed a few things and told her “Get the hell out of the house, you’re coming with us, right now!”. She had no time to ask, she grabbed some of the stuff and drove with the guys to her brothers house. During the driving everyone was quiet. She tried to ask them what happened or what they found up there, but she couldn’t get an answer. Her brother was normally not that type of guy. He was always fun and open, but he was serious as fuck and drove like he was insane. The next days they kept telling her, how she’ll never go back into that house again. She found another flat somewhere else near Amsterdam, but she thought her brother and the guys… kind of changed. Everytime she tried to ask, what was in the attic, her brother started to scream at her. Even the brothers wife didn’t know what was going on with him and was kind of desperate. She never knew what was up there or what happened there. The followed years one or two of the friends turned into alcoholics and went to psychiatrists. Her brother was never the same again. She tried asking him from time to time again, but he always avoided that coversation. In that year she told us (2009/2010), she said her brother called her and was ready to tell her, what happened 25 years ago…

We still don’t know. She promised, she would tell us, what happened, but it was the end of the school year and the next year (which was our last year at the school), we got a new english teacher. There was not really a chance to finish the story because her brother lives still in the Netherlands. I’m still dying to hear what happened. Now i’m not that great storyteller, but the way she told us the full version of the story… woah.

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