51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

31. BlueOak777

Beginning just before Halloween in 1939, the citizens of Provincetown, Massachusetts were startled by the sudden, eerie appearance of a mysterious Black Flash—an impossibly tall and gangly, impossibly fast human-like creature who appeared dressed in a black suit, and without a face.

According to witnesses, the Black Flash also made a loud buzzing sound. Witnesses would report seeing the Black Flash in one location, and a minute later, other reports would come in of sightings across town.

Slenderman at his best.

32. qtrules

Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion. sends shivers down my spine every time i think about it.

33. gem_eater

Personal experience that made me afraid of the woods at night. I was eleven years old and my buddy and I decided it would be fun to go out “ghost hunting” in the middle of the night just the two of us. We ventured out into the woods with a single dim flashlight which my buddy kept hold of the entire trip. Not long after we had started searching the woods I noticed something that stood out amongst the brush. Being as my friend had the flashlight I had to try and direct the beam by instruction, which was unnervingly difficult. I pointed him to the bush where I had seen something unusual, directing him to the precise spot. The flashlight quickly lighted upon a mans face with a wide-eyed expression. The moment the light touched him he burst through the bushes coming at us at full speed. We screamed and ran in a moment of pure terror with the sound of heavy footfalls at our back and the feeling of sand projecting off the mans steps onto the backs of our legs. He pursued us relentlessly until we reached my buddy’s well lit backyard and ran inside and locked all the doors and windows. Took me a long time to feel comfortable in the woods at night after that.

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