51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

15. aetbeut

Whenever I almost finished a bowl of cereal, I held it up to my mouth and drank remaining milk. But every time I did that I could see some strange figure standing behind me. I could see it through the reflection at the bottom of the bowl. I freaked out and I couldn’t figure out what the heck the figure was for a long time. I thought some kind of ghost was always following behind me. Then about a year later, I found what it was. It was my thumb holding the bowl.

16. BatardNoix

Tara Calico’s dissapearance

17. Auraeuphorialic

The Zimbabwe school alien sighting.

Basically a bunch of kids, I think the whole class, aged between 8-10 or something like that, is playing outside when they notice someone looking at them.. they all stop and start screaming and run to their teachers.
They all described a some odd looking beings – and all of them describe the same thing.

18. xCBS

I think the West Memphis 3 are a good candidate.

It all starts when 3 boys are together outside playing. The step father of one of the boys reports them missing.

During a mass manhunt for the missing boys someone finds 3 mutilated bodies of the 2nd grade children by a creek. They had be castrated, hogtied and stripped naked.
The entire community went on a witch hunt and blamed 3 teenagers because they were dark, and did dark things. Like praised satan and whatnot.

Anyway, the three teenagers were convicted of murder and kidnapping, basically because of their looks and practices. Then 18 years later they are acquitted on new DNA evidence.
Since then no one knows who did it.

19. limesta

Vladimir Komarov

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