51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

46. PsyTheLoser

The YOGTZE case. IB4: No Dinosaur Walking!

In 1984 an unemployed guy called Günther Stoll (used to work as a technician in the food industry), from Anzhausen in Germany is suffering from paranoia. From time to time he talks about “them” who want to hurt or kill him but never says who “they” are. On the 25th of October 1984, around 11pm, while his wife is present, he suddenly stands up from his chair and says: “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!”(germ. “I got it!”/”Now I understand!”) and writes down YOGTZE(the G might be a 6) and leaves.

Later that night he shows up in his favorite pub in Wilnsdorf. He orders a beer but suddenly falls from his chair and hurts his face. Witnesses say that he was not drunk at this time.
He leaves immediately after and shows up at 1 am in Haigerseelbach where he grew up and knocked at the door of an old lady who was his former neighbor. She was known for her religiosity and he was eager to come in and have a talk with her. According to her he was talking about “horrible incidents which will take place tonight”. At the end she didn’t let him in because it was 1 am and he seemed confused.
Till here it sounds like just another guy with paranoia but here is where it gets interessting:

At 3 am two truck driver find Stoll’s damaged car in the roadside ditch of the Autobahn 45 near Hagen-Süd. Both witnessed that they saw four men, in bright cloths, walking around the wreck. They stopped, stepped out of their truck and headed to the emergency telephone nearby, at the side of the road, to call for help. After that they walked over to the wreck and found Stoll in his car, he was naked and heavily injure but conscious. He said that there used to be other men with him in the car but that they hit the road. He died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital.
The police later found out that the deadly injury was not caused by the accident but that someone drove over him, while he was already naked, and later put him into his car.
Till this day no one knows what really happened that night and what the meaning of YOGTZE is.

47. hpstrprgmr

Michelle Bachman

48. rb4r

The Mcpherson Tape


Some scary shit.

49. andy_panzer

F*ckin’ magnets. How do they work?

50. DovakiinBF3FTW

The Solway Firth Spaceman will always be the creepiest for me. A man takes a picture of his daughter and when he gets it developed he sees a strange figure in a space suit in the background of the photo. This was in the 1960’s. Here’s the link if you’re interested

51. raverbashing

The Isdal Woman

This is really scary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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