51 Absolutely Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

20. Read-It-Reddit

A mysterious radio station that has been constantly broadcasting since the early 1970s from an unknown location in Russia. It broadcasts this weird buzzing sound, and has been interrupted by creepy voice transmissions in Russian. Nobody knows the purpose of the radio station, who oversees it, etc. Interesting stuff.

21. RedditName

The Alphabet Murders. I think most people have heard of these.

From wiki: “The so-called “Alphabet murders” (also known as the “double initial murders”) took place in the early 1970s in the Rochester, New York, area; three young girls were raped and strangled.”

22. RedditName

The disappearance of Maury Murray.What intrigues me so much about this case is not so much that she disappeared, although of course, that’s interesting because no trace of her has been found, but no that’s not the real mystery to me.

23. calicoan

Chicago Tylenol murders

24. MarvelousMagikarp

As a native Nova Scotian, the money pit on Oak Island interests me very much.

Basically, it’s a very, very deep hole (like, 150+ feet deep) that many speculate to be some sort of pirate treasure location. There are things like metal and logs as deep as 100 feet, and some stones with inscriptions that hint at treasure. Everytime they dig deep enough, the pit floods.

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