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How To Love An Alpha Girl

Know that she is a go getter. Know that she is a strong woman. She is resilient. She isn’t with you for fun, or for a fling. She is with you for the real deal. She is with you because she sees something good in you. She is with you because she sees a future. Because you are someone special. And she deserves something special. She deserves someone special. 

This Is How I Learned To Say Goodbye To Our Love

But I had to survive. I had to learn how to breathe the air that wasn’t full of your oxygen. I had to learn how to walk without your hand leading the way. I had to learn how to smile without your grin pulling me forward. I had to learn how to be. How to go. Without your love.

Stop Caring About Boys Who Don’t Care Back

The truth is, he isn’t ever going to care. He isn’t ever going to come back. He isn’t going to wake up one day and come running towards you. And if he does? It’s only temporary. Because boys like that always want better and bigger and different. Boys like that only stick around until they get what they want. And then they vanish.

This Is Why She Loves Being Single

She loves being single because she gets to be selfish. In her life, with herself and in her career. She gets to do as she pleases, to live life to the fullest with someone pushing her down. She gets to be the selfish one this time. She gets to be the one to call the shots.

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