You Don’t Miss Him, You Just Miss Being In Love

girl misses ex

You don’t miss him. You just think you do. You think you miss his hands, his lips, his hugs, his face, his touch and his heart.

But in all honestly? You just miss the feeling. The feeling of holding someone’s hands. Of kissing someone’s lips. Of hugging someone’s body. Of touching someone’s soul. And of having a piece of someone’s heart.

You miss the warmth. The feeling of safety. The feeling of being loved. The feeling of knowing that they will never leave you. The feeling of knowing that your heart is home.

And I know you think it’s only him. That it’s only him who is going to calm you. That it’s only him who is going to nourish your heart and your soul and your mind. And I know you think that he is the only human being on this earth who will ever make you feel better.

But that’s not the truth.

There are millions of people in this world who can make you feel like this one person did. There are millions of people who have the ability to love you as this person once did.

You just miss love.

You miss the stability. The comfort. The feeling of being whole. And right now you feel empty. You feel like a half person. You feel like you will never be the same. You feel like this person completed you and made you full. And now this void is telling you that the only way to fix this is to get back with him. To be with him. To let him love you.

But you need to realize that you can be whole on your own. You can be happy on your own. You don’t need this person. You don’t need his hands or lips or touches. You don’t need anyone to be complete.

Fill yourself up with your friendships. With your family and with your loved ones. Realize that you don’t need your ex or the one that got away. You don’t need their appreciation or their heart.

Focus on self love. Focus on your mind. Focus on your mental state. Focus on your physical health. Fill your heart up with self love. With the people that never left. With the people that you know 100% will always have your back.

You don’t need that guy or that girl or that ex. You don’t need someone else who already left to make you feel good. You don’t need his love. You don’t need his heart or his soul or his mind. You do not need their guidance.

You just need love. Love found in other places. In nature. Inside yourself. With your friends. With your family. With your coworkers and job. You can have love without this person who broke you. You can find love without their goodbyes.

So please realize that someday, you’ll understand that what you are missing now is not him or her. It’s not their love. It’s just love within yourself that you never had when you were with that person.

And right now? You need to love your own heart in order to feel whole and in order to take care of yourself. So be kind to your mind and body. Fill yourself up with your own heart, and let that person go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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