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Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

Falling in love and being in love is the part that everyone wants. It’s the part that makes a love story, a fairytale. But fairytales end in happily ever after. Fairytales end in magic. And real life? It’s not a fairytale.

I’m Slowly Learning To Let Go Of The Past

I’m learning to let go of the people who are no longer in my life. To let go of the friends who aren’t here for me anymore. I’m learning to let go of the fact that I may have said something or done something to make certain people leave. I’m learning to let go of the people who chose to walk away, even if I didn’t want them to.

I Want A ‘Best Friend’ Kind Of Love

I want the kind of partner who is firstly my friend. Who will back me up when I believe in something that no one else does. A friend who will listen to me talk on and on about my worst day at work. A friend who will rub my feet on the couch even though they are exhausted too. I want the kind of partner who will be my safe place. My safe haven. And my person. 

11 Ways People With Anxiety Interact Differently With The World

We are our own worst enemies. And when we fail or get broken hearted, we blame it on ourselves and put ourselves down to the extreme. We are our own worst critiques and tell ourselves truly terrible things. To say we have low self-esteem would be an understatement.