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The Art Of Getting Over Someone You Never Dated

It’s okay to wallow. To have a few days of doing nothing, of feeling empty. You’re allowed to be upset. You’re allowed to feel heartbroken. You’re allowed to be angry. Just because it wasn’t ever official doesn’t change the fact that there was something there. Just because it wasn’t ever official doesn’t mean you didn’t feel it. That maybe love was knocking on your door.

I Am Fed Up With Modern Dating, So I’m Giving Up

These guys are cowards. And they don’t deserve my strength and my vulnerability and my beauty. So I think, I’m giving up. Not forever. But for now. I’m so tired of trying so hard with little success. I’m so tired of wanting love so badly, and never even getting to the dating part.

How To Miss Someone

Don’t let your loneliness ruin you. Don’t let someone who left you, have all the power. And don’t let this feeling take control on you. It’s just a feeling. Just a moment. Just a second

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