It’s Time To Treat Your Heart Better In 2018

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Yoann Boyer

It’s time to treat your heart better no matter what year it is. And even if you don’t have someone to cradle it at night, that’s never an excuse. You are not nothing just because you don’t have someone. Remember that. You are not an empty shell.

Let yourself be enamored by your own beauty. Let yourself fall in love all over again with your spirit, with your body, your wildfire and your storm. 

It’s time to say goodbye to self hatred and deep contentment. Let yourself let go of past mistakes and failures and hiccups. So, you stumbled? So, you failed? So, you messed up at work or in your personal life? You are a human being. Not a robot.

Everyone falls and fails. Everyone says things they don’t mean. Everyone makes choices they will later regret. But, you can’t dwell on the things you wish you could change. You can’t let those choices define your future and this very moment.

Take time to just breathe. To think about what you have lost, but most importantly all that you have gained. Breathe in all of your strengths, all of your beauty and self love. Breathe in all of the things you adore about your soul and your body. Breathe in your happiness and what cheers you up on a cloudy. Then breathe out all the self hatred and regrets.

And forgive yourself. Completely. With your whole being.

Don’t waste time on the past. Don’t waste time beating yourself up for things you cannot and never will be able to fix. Don’t waste your precious time on this earth hating yourself and hating your heart.

So what if he left you? So what if she broke up with you? So what if you made a mistake by giving a second chance? So what if you got fired? So what if you chose the wrong career? So what if you loved someone who treated you terribly?

It’s life. And life will always be full of imperfect days and imperfect people. Don’t let those imperfections ruin you. Don’t overthink. Don’t let your anxiety from the past bubble towards the rim of the future.

You are not alone. And you are most definitely not alone in your failures and resentments. But, you need to stop calling yourself weak. You need to stop calling yourself small. You need to stop thinking that you will never achieve your dreams and goals. You need to stop saying that you will never ever find your forever person.

Be kind to others but be even kinder to yourself. Let yourself rest when you need to. Let yourself breathe when you need to. Let yourself fall in love with every single part of you — even the parts that aren’t so beautiful.

You’ve got one you. It’s time to treat yourself and your heart with respect and acceptance. It’s time to put your heart in first place. It’s time to truly adore yourself, and everything that comes along with you. And yes, even all your mistakes and mishapsThought Catalog Logo Mark

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