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If I’m Being Honest, I’m Happy We Didn’t Last Forever

girl on mountain

You were gone. But I wasn’t going to let you kill me. Your leaving taught me that I was stronger than I could have ever anticipated. Your leaving taught me that I could be an independent woman, without needing anybody else. Your leaving taught me that love isn’t everything. Your leaving taught me that self love is the most important kind of love I could ever have.

8 Of My Favorite Hidden Drugstore Gems That Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

Sally Hansen Leg Makeup: This may seem like a step you would want to skip, but believe me — this baby is a game changer. For spring and summer dates, this ‘tan in a bottle’ type product will make your legs look like you just got back from vacation in Cancun. This makeup will also hide any bruises or shaving cuts on your legs, so you won’t have any reason to hide them. 

Why Men Who Marry Girls With Anxiety End Up The Happiest

girl in her room

My anxiety is not beautiful, and it never will be, but it makes me listen. It makes me feel even more strongly when I have a crush, when I’m in love, and when I’m falling out of it. My anxious thoughts make me suffer, but it makes me a better person. Why? It makes me aware that I am human. It makes me aware that everyone is flawed and everyone has parts of themselves that they hate, but they still deserve to find their soulmate.

The Kind Of Date You Need To Wait For


Don’t settle for the ordinary date. Don’t settle for dates that send you home crying. Settle for the extraordinary. For the dates that make you blush in happiness. For the dates that send you smiling from ear to ear. Settle for the dates that make you dream impossible things. That make you believe in love again

You Miss Them, But You Don’t Need Them

girl looking at train

There are seven billion people in this world. You will find another him. You will find another her. And honestly, and truthfully, you will find someone better than this person. One day, you’ll find someone who won’t close the door on your heart.

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