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25 Life Lessons Every Strong Woman Should Know By Age 25

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Brooke Cagle

1. You are worthy of true love.

2. How to fall in love AND keep your friends.

3. How to ask for a raise.

4. You’re not disposable.

5. How to let go of toxic relationships.

6. Love is not a maybe thing.

7. How to quit a job (the right way).

8. The difference between attachment and love.

9. The difference between wanting attention and wanting love.

10. How to party without getting wasted.

11. How to be happy being alone.

12. How to lift a beautiful woman up, instead of tearing her down.

13. How to have an argument without yelling.

14. That a number shouldn’t have an effect on your self esteem.

15. That your parents were right.

16. That there is no ‘right’ path to follow.

17. That Instagram likes don’t mean a thing.

18. How to gracefully accept rejection.

19. How to fail and not fall apart.

20. How to break up with someone in person and with respect.

21. How to hug your parents without getting embarrassed.

22. How to call someone up and tell them how you REALLY feel.

23. How to have fun without drinking yourself to liver failure.

24. How to kiss someone and feel time stop.

25. How to unapologetically love yourself.  TC mark

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