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17 Things I’m Saying Good Riddance To In 2017

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1. Beating myself up over things I can’t control.

2. Thinking it’s the end of the world when I make a mistake.

3. Gossiping about exes or ex friends behind their backs.

4. Chasing men who want nothing to do with me and have made that clear.  It’s never going to work out in the way you’ve played it out in your head.

5. Entering into almost relationships. It’s a waste of time. I repeat, it’s a waste of time.

6. Giving a fuck about what people say about me.

7. Ignoring my parent’s advice. (They will always be right).

8. Not following my gut instincts.

9. Not having a second slice of cake or a second plate of dinner when I want it.

10. Throwing myself pity parties whenever things don’t go my way. What am I, five years old?

11. Telling myself I’m unlovable. I am. I am. I am.

12. Telling myself I will never find love again.

13. Not getting out of my comfort zone enough. Why not move? Why not buy that plane ticket? Why not go skydiving? Life is too short to not make the most of it.

14. Caring about gaining or losing a few pounds. In the end, why the heck does it matter so much?

15. Letting a mediocre male dictate how I feel about myself.

16. Drunk texts! It’s never cute and it’s always a mistake.

17. Not loving myself enough. Despite all the flaws and mistakes. Despite the imperfections. TC mark

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