When He Asks For A Second Chance, Remember Why You Left In The First Place

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It’s midnight and you hear the familiar ding on your phone. You sleepily roll over, and put your phone up to your blurry, tired eyes. Your heart speeds up as you see his name written across your phone. ‘Hey’, he simply writes.

You’ve been waiting months for this. Months for him to see what he was missing. Months for him to see how he messed up. Months for him to want you back. And you’ve been waiting months, to get that simple text.

You excitedly text your best friends with too many exclamation points and heart emojis. He just texted me, you say. I think he wants me back, you say. What do I do, you giddily ask.

Their replies are lackluster. They tell you not to be dumb. They tell you he isn’t worth the risk. They tell you not to get your hopes up. They tell you not to fall for his games. They tell you to not go back.

And that’s when you remember.

When you had a bad day at work or at school, was he there for you? No. When he saw you crying, did he hold you in his arms and tell you everything was going to be alright? No. When you asked to go out with your friends without him, did he say yes? No. Was he kind to you? Sometimes. Was he sweet and caring to you? Sometimes. Was he understanding, and was he a great communicator? No…

So why go back? Why risk your heart again for this person? Why go back to someone who easily walked away from you the second you decided to leave? Why go back to someone who just wanted one thing? Why go back to this lonely soul who never loved you. Not really.

Don’t go back. Don’t text back. Don’t call back.

He was grateful when you said goodbye. He was relieved when you decided it was time to breakup. You should have known then that he wasn’t worth any of your precious time. You should have know then, that he wasn’t worth having a piece of your heart.

You tried to be everything he wanted you to be. You tried to make him happy. You tried to do everything right. To give him gifts and kisses when he needed it most. But he never gave you anything in return. He never tries as hard as you did.

So don’t go back. Block his number. He doesn’t deserve your heart. He doesn’t deserve your energy. And he doesn’t deserve your love that you show generously wanted to give him.

Go back to sleep. Close your eyes and remember that you are special. That he’s just a dumb silly boy. And he could never love you. Go back to sleep. But not before you block his dumbass.

Let him go. And let yourself be free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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