Does True Love Wait?

Don’t Ever Forget That True Love Is Worth The Wait

Please don’t ever forget that true love is worth the wait. True love is nothing you need to rush. It’s not something you’re supposed to force. Because you see, true love is precious. It’s sacred. It’s not something to toss away.

True love is rare. It is a shiny diamond in a world full of pebbles. True love is meant to be cherished. It’s meant to be savored and to be devoured. It’s not something to look away from. It’s not something to be afraid of or scared of. It’s not something to run away from.

Because true love doesn’t leave.

Maybe you miss the ex who broke your heart. Maybe you miss the guy you met in the bar a few months ago. Maybe you miss someone who never looked your way. Maybe you miss just feeling needed and feeling wanted.

But don’t let that run towards the finish line.

True love will come to you when it is meant to. It’s going to come to you and knock on your door when you least expect it to. Maybe it’ll happen from a Tinder date. Maybe you’ll find it from the guy who used to go to school with. Maybe you’ll find it with your high school sweetheart. Or maybe you’ll find it in a few years, where you can stand on your own two feet.

True love will show up at the moment when you are ready. It will happen when you have confidence in yourself. It will happen when you can love yourself without someone by you. It will happen when you don’t see it coming.

And you’ll never be the same.

Because true love stays. It does not flicker. It isn’t fragile. It’s an armor. A bullet proof shield. True love will lift you up when you don’t even know you need to be lifted. True love will hold you when you need it most. True love will enter your life as long as you have patience. True love will enter your life as long as you know that it will come to you. Because you know that you deserve it.

Please understand, that true love is worth the wait. Don’t dive into something that will be temporary. Don’t get a boyfriend or a girlfriend just for the heck of it. Don’t settle for anything that isn’t whole hearted. Don’t settle for the liars. Don’t settle for the players and the people who promise you nothing.

You deserve more than that.

You of all people, deserve real love. Big love. True love. Nothing less.

Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past. Maybe you’ve been broken by people who you thought were your true friends. And by people who you thought were your lovers that would last forever.

But don’t be scared of finding something real. Don’t be scared of having feelings. Don’t be scared of true love. It’s real. And it’s going to happen. You just have to hold out. To wait. To hope. And to believe. To believe in it. And to believe that you, deserve it.

So please wait. It’ll be more than worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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