When You Meet The Right One After Losing All Faith In Love

Jordan Bauer

When you first meet him, you won’t have many expectations. You’ll think that he’s just like all the others you’ve met before. You feel that this beginning is an eventual spiral towards the end.

It’s not that he has done anything that would make you put up your walls and guard your heart. It’s not that he has given any indication that he’s going to let you down. It’s not that you have spotted any warning signs from afar. It’s not that being with him is like a time bomb that you know it’s going to blow up in your face. It’s not that your instinct is screaming at you to run away from him.

It’s not any of that.

He treats you with nothing but tender kindness and sincerity that is so rare and precious in modern dating. He treats you as if you are his best friend, telling you his most intimate thoughts and wanting to share every aspect of his life with you. He treats you as the love of his life, as he chooses you and shows you both through words and actions, that he meant to love you and no one else.

He treats you the way you always wanted to be treated but never experienced before.

At first, you are going to be skeptical and think whatever you have with him won’t last. You are going to feel guilty for feeling this way and you start to think perhaps you don’t deserve love at all. You are going to overthink every step of the way and drive yourself crazy.

Maybe the problem is really you, you think dismally. For how could it not move you even when he has proven his commitment and gone the extra mile for you? How could it not make you happy when you have all that you’ve dreamed of? How could you not love him even when you swore love is not in the cards for you?

When you meet the right one after all the toxic relationships you have been through, happiness feels surreal.

When you meet your true love after all the ones who couldn’t stay, you realize how easy love should be. When you meet your soulmate after the half-loves and almost relationships, you feel complete. When you meet your forever person after all the temporary people, you see a forever that you wouldn’t dare to hope in before.

But don’t fret about how you should feel. Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened. Don’t rush to give an answer or jump into something that you are not ready for.

Take all the time in the world because the right relationship would wait for you. Make sure that this is what you really want before committing to it. Be certain of your decision and have faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to be. And lastly, always believe that you deserve love.

Because after all that you have been through, it’s finally your turn now. Your turn to be loved the way you need and want.

Your turn to finally have the love that you waited so patiently for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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