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I hope that you end up with someone who loves you back. I don’t mean someone who likes your figure or the cool new shoes you’ve bought this month. I hope you find someone who’s genuinely interested in you. Someone who wants to know what your favorite songs are. I don’t mean the songs that you’ll listen to with a crowd of people at a bonfire but the songs you listen to when you’re driving alone or falling asleep at night. Someone who wants to know what your favorite books are and will take the time to read them because they want to see what intrigues your mind. Someone who wants to know about your favorite childhood memory and your favorite hiding place as an adult. Someone who wants to work out with you and eat a tub of Nutella with you on a Friday night. Someone who uses words like charming, stunning, delightful, lovely, graceful, lovely, dazzling, radiant, and dashing instead of cute, beautiful, and pretty. Someone who wants to read every term paper you’ve aced and every journal entry you’ve posted on your blog. Someone who wants to find all the imperfections on your olive skin and wants to love every blemish and scar they find. Someone who knows your favorite quotes by heart. Someone who wants to know if you prefer almond milk or fat free milk. Someone who wants to learn about your past but more so about your future. I hope you find that someone who wants to know every detail about you. I hope you find them and you end up with them forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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