Settle Down With Someone You Don’t Have To Settle For


Settle down with someone you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with.

The concept of time ceases to matter when it comes to him. It doesn’t matter how long or short you’ve known him, you just know he’s the right one for you.

He makes time fly by whenever you are with him, be it sitting with him in comfortable silence or when you are talking non-stop about the happenings of your day. He makes time stand still when you gaze into his eyes and you realize you are just as in love with him now as day one.

Not only are you perfectly content with the present moment, he makes you look forward to the rest of your life with him.

He makes you believe in love at a time when you almost lost all hope in it. He makes you see a future with him even at the very beginning, when you first knew you want to be with him. He makes you feel that love and happiness are synonymous and you never have to have one without the other.

Settle down with someone who is worthy of your love and who will never stop trying to be worthy of you.

You won’t have to try to read his mind or interpret his every action because he tells you exactly what he’s thinking. You won’t have to call him ten times when he doesn’t return home late at night because you know that he’s hanging out with his friends. You won’t have to feel insecure whenever you see him talking to another girl because you know she’s just a friend.

You won’t have to do any of that because you know exactly the person he is: faithful, kind, and honest and it is not his character to do anything that would say otherwise. You won’t have to doubt him because you know as instinctively as your heart beats that he would never do anything to hurt you. You won’t have to cry over him because he makes it his life mission to make you happy.

He doesn’t waste your time and effort playing games with you, but instead, he devotes his heart and soul to you. He doesn’t take you for granted and constantly looks for reasons to love you more. He pledges not to be the reasons for your tears but to give you more reasons to smile.

Settle down with someone who is everything you want and nothing less.

Mediocrity is definitely not something that you have to settle for in love. Because love is anything but ordinary.

Love is magical when you find someone you can click with instantly, like two missing puzzles fitting together. It will all be worth it when you finally meet that special someone after all the bad dates, unanswered texts, the lonely nights, the countless times your heart broke, and the times you cried yourself to sleep believing you deserve all the unhappiness in your life. It will finally be worth it when you choose to be with the person you love and would choose him over and over again in different circumstances and in another life.

Love is not settling for someone to be there because you cannot stand to be alone. It is not settling for this person until the next better one comes along. It is not settling for people undeserving of your big heart and who only gives half-hearted love in return. It is not settling for the person you thought you could change but his only constant is to hurt you and you taking him back for the thousandth times believing that it’s love.

And that is definitely not love.

Settle down with someone you are ready to be with and someone you don’t have to settle for any day of your life.

Settle down with someone you couldn’t live without, someone who makes your life better, and someone who loves you everyday of his life.

And be patient and wait. For love is the one thing you can never settle for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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