Here’s Each Breakdown You Will Have For Every Year Of Your 20s

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AGE 20

At the age of 20, your breakdown will be set in a college dorm.You will be question every single aspect of your life. Did you go to the right college? Did you pick the right major? Is it too late to change it? What if you fail out of school? You will ultimately settle downafter talking to your college therapist and will slowly stop crying yourself to sleep every night.

AGE 21

Oh boy. 21. Your crisis at this age will involve way too much alcohol and a boy who doesn’t want you back. This breakdown will feel like the end of your world. You’re hopelessly in love with the boy who sits next to you in your favorite class. On your 21st birthday you will vomit all over yourself and your friends will take pictures of you crying to the bartender. Don’t worry, they didn’t post any of it online.

AGE 22

You’ll be excited to turn 22 because duh, the song! However, things will shortly come crashing down when you realize you miss everything about being a kid and your high school friends and your high school sweetheart. All of a sudden it will hit you that you are growing up. And sometimes, it really fucking sucks.

AGE 23

At the age of 23, you will feel on top of the world. That is, until you graduate. Your life will crumble down when you realize you have to move back in with your parents in your old small town. You will look at all your peers getting their dream job while you are stuck selling stupid t-shirts. Your breakdown will include too much red wine and a bunch of your high school friends who are doing way better than you.

AGE 24

At the age of 24, you will start realizing that you need to start acting like an adult. You will realize that you can’t binge drink on every weekend. You can’t go to the club on every Friday. You can’t even have a summer vacation. You’ll have a panic attack because everything is changing and you HATE change.

AGE 25

At the age of 25, your quarter life crisis will be a literal quarter life crisis. You won’t want to celebrate your birthday. You stare at your face for hours looking for signs of aging and all your friends think you’re insane for buying every anti-aging product on the market. You’ll just want time to stop, for everything to be like how it used to be.

AGE 26

Your breakdown at 26 will be incredibly significant to your future. It’ll be the year when you realize you can’t eat pasta for every meal you have. It’ll be the year you realize that you have neglected your body for so long. And it’ll be the year you wake the hell up.

AGE 27

At the age of 27, you’ll finally feel like a grown up. You have a job you kind of love. You have the best of friends. But your breakdown sadly will be a major blow on your self esteem. You will realize that you haven’t been in love in ages, and it’s going to wreck your confidence and mental health for a really long time.

age 28

For the age of 28, you will have a major crisis and nervous breakdown about feeling like you’re incredibly behind in everything. All your friends are engaged or married or they have children. And all you want to do is be like them. But you’re wired differently. You want to travel. You want to have fun. You want to live a little more. The pressure that society screams at you will have you going through the wringer that year.

age 29

At the age of 29, you will know more about yourself than ever before. You will lose some friends along the way, realizing that all they did was put negativity in your life. And as much as this hurt you and wounded your heart, you realize that you needed to cut those ties, no matter how devastating it was. At the age of 29, you will finally start believing in yourself and in your journey. You are going to get through this. And if you could get through your twenties, you now know that you can get through anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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