Here’s What Every Year Of Your 20s Will Be Like


Age 20.

Congrats! You are no longer a teenager. But, you still feel that way (and your parents won’t treat you any differently). You can’t legally drink yet, so this age is pretty pointless. Luckily, you have little things to worry about at this age! #noresponsibilities

Age 21.

Arguably the most wild and fun year of your twenties. You don’t have too many responsibilities yet and you are now legally allowed to get so drunk that you lose your wallet and puke your guts out the next morning. Turning 21 is exciting as heck and everyone and their mother will be buying you free booze for at least a month after your birthday. Cherish this year guys. (Not that you will remember any of it.)

Age 22.

Besides being able to sing along to ’22’ by Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs when the clock strikes midnight, this year, just like when you turned 20, is pretty uneventful. But unlike turning 20, at the age of 22, you feel a little more lost and a little more scared. Being 22 means more responsibilities are heading your way and YIKES: you are going to be graduating college soon.

Age 23.

Everyone says this is the worst year of your twenties, and I would have to agree. This age is full of questions and full of change. Some of your friends are out partying on weekdays, while others are already settling down with husbands and babies. You honestly don’t know what the f*ck you are doing and wish you were back to being 21 and not remembering anything. P.S- Literally nobody likes you when you’re 23.

Age 24.

Turning 24 is scarier than it seems. You are still young enough to party like a college freshman, but on the other hand, there will be people out there who will tell you to ‘grow up’ and to ‘get your life figured out already’. You still feel 18, the difference is that now, people will judge you for that. Also, your parents are going to kick you out of the house soon.

Age 25.

Turing 25 is sorta cool. You feel like you have finally turned some parts of your life around (kind of). You actually know how to pay your taxes correctly now, and you finally go to a doctor that isn’t your pediatrician! You are still far enough away from your thirties to not freak out about everything quite yet.

Age 26.

26 is the year that you decide to finally wake the hell up and get it together. It is the year you will finally stop taking body shots off of the bartenders bare stomach, and it is the year you will finally decide to do things your way. Turning 26 is terrifying, yes, but it is also pretty gratifying and special. Your early twenties are finally behind you. You’re allowed to act like a true grown up now.

Age 27.

27 is the age where almost everyone you know is getting engaged or is already married. It is the year you attend more baby showers than happy hours. It is the year you realize that you are a ticking time bomb. It is the year where you realize you are closer to 30 than you are closer to 21, and that terrifies you.

Age 28.

28 is the age when you finally know how to dress yourself properly. You know how to cook (at least so you don’t starve) and you know what you want in life. Turning 30 doesn’t freak you out that much anymore. If you are single, you are more positive about it and have faith that your time will come. 28 is the year of a calm and collected you.

Age 29.

You are still technically in your twenties, but you are more than happy to leave them behind you. Turning 29 is a monumental moment for you. You still have the energy of a 25 year old, but actually have most of your shit together. You are more confident in who you are as a human being, and are honestly proud of yourself for surviving this crazy and wild decade. Congratulations, you have survived your twenties. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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