The Kind Of Love You Need To Wait For

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Beth Solano

This is the kind of love you need to wait for. It’s not shy or hesitant. It should never feel like it’s something you need to force. It should feel like home.

The love you need to hold out for is rare. It only comes along once in a while. Once in a blue moon. But be patient. Hold on to that last handful of hope. And never stop believing.

The kind of love you need to wait for is brilliantly colorful. It is bold and bright and stunning. It’s neon colors mixed in with thunder and a little bit of hurricane. It’s more powerful than your own heart. It will fight for you when you have no fight left to give. It will be your shelter. Your army. Your other half.

The kind of love you need to wait for is the kind that is worth the long and lonely wait. Trust me.

Because while this love will be incredibly strong and fierce, it will also be soft. You’ll feel safe and warm, like a child again back in your mother’s arms. You’ll feel yourself exhale and you are going to feel so loved and so cared for.

The love you need to wait for won’t be about looks or careers or money. It will be about two hearts that found one another in the nick of time. It will be solely focused on your heart and his heart and building each other up while also building yourselves up individually.

The love you need to wait for will never knock you down. It may bend from time to time and crack when the wind picks up, but it will never break.

The love you need to wait for is something that will last a lifetime. It will last and it will grow and it will flourish in both of your hearts. This love will kiss you when you had a good or bad day. This love will hold you until your panic stops and it will hold you when you’re relaxed. This love is the kind of love that will never stop fighting for your happiness and for your joy.

The love you need to wait for is rare, yes. But it will happen. You just need to be patient. To not settle for average or mediocre. Because you are not average or mediocre, and you deserve to have the most beautiful love story in the world.

One day you’ll look back and realize that all those years of waiting were worth it. It will be so much more than worth it. Because one day you’ll look back on your past self and smile at her, knowing fully well that she had no idea what was to come.

So don’t settle for almost or maybe or question marks. Don’t you dare treat your heart like it’s not important and like it doesn’t deserve to be held. Don’t settle for half of anything. 

Your heart deserves this. It deserves the incredible big love that everyone likes to scoff  or roll their eyes at. But you deserve it. Don’t ever think that you don’t. And don’t ever stop believing.

You’ll find it one day. You will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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