37 People Reveal The Most WTF Thing They Ever Saw At Their Friend’s House

10. This is how people get diaper fetishes

A 5-year old in diapers.

I was an adult literacy volunteer and I went to this couple’s trailer. A kid walks in shirtless, wearing a diaper. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then I thought maybe developmental issues. Then the mother says “’bout time ta change ‘at diaper ain’t it?” And the boy said defiantly, “You ain’t gonna change my diaper.”

11. “Bro, I’d stare at the wallpaper and just go at it”

I will never forget as a child visiting my friends house and noticing the wallpaper they had in his hallways. The pattern was of naked women, throughout his apartment, just little naked women all over the wall. We were maybe 8 years old, and it was amazing.

12. Aliens

I dated a guy whose family was just…odd. They just did things so differently, sometimes I wondered if they might be aliens.

  • No one the house knew how to use a stove. They used the microwave or ate out.
  • Every cabinet and drawer in the house was always wide open. Like they had no idea you could close them.(the rest of the house was clean and organized, which made it all the stranger)
  • His mother walked around naked pretty much constantly and took about ten baths a day
  • His parents would go to McDonald’s to watch TV(despite having a very nice TV with satellite, tivo etc.)
  • His family had a lot of grandiose tales. Things like they saved two men from a plane crash and how the mother outran a pack of wolves in suburban Arizona.

There is a lot more but these were what stuck out in my mind.


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