37 People Reveal The Most WTF Thing They Ever Saw At Their Friend’s House

This reinforces my hypothesis that people are really freaking weird. I don’t want to ever go over to a friend’s house ever again. Read this Reddit thread for more weird habits.
If you’re eating, put down your sandwich (or eating utensil). This ain’t going to be pretty.

1. A sink works better

I knew a girl who would get glasses of water and whenever she couldn’t finish the whole thing, she would dump the rest on the carpet because “it just absorbs it”

2. Arrested Development?

I went to highschool with a girl whose family would dress up their house like a model home being sold or something. For example the dining room table was dressed with a plastic thanksgiving feast, with plastic food on nice plates and fake wine in fake glasses. When you walked into her bedroom the bed was made with top corner open as if she just got out of bed and there was a tray with a fake bowl of cereal and a fake glass of orange juice. On the floor were coloring books and crayons as if a child lived in the room… They kept the place spotless and every room had an odd theme of fake living. Her parent’s bedroom had quite a few large african animal statues and fake rose petals leading to the bed.

3. Oh, uh, you see…

I was friends with my little league baseball coach’s son. One day I was invited to their house for a “playdate,” as I walked through the door I saw a huge framed white cloth with some weird symbol; I didn’t think much about it because at the time I didn’t know wtf it was… My coach noticed me looking at it as I entered the house and said “My Granddad wore that, its been in the family for years…” Naturally I was like, “Oh ok whatever,” and thought nothing of it again…now that I am older…I realize what it was (KKK robe)… The worst part is that I am not white.


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