37 People Reveal The Most WTF Thing They Ever Saw At Their Friend’s House

33. At least he was honest about it

First time I went over to a friend house. I was walking in to his room and he says, “Don’t stand here, the carpet’s crusty.” For 8 years he’s been jacking it in the same spot, never washing it.

34. I have a friend who does this on the reg – and doesn’t wash his hands after he poops. He’s a nurse

Shitting with their bathroom door completely open.

That’s how my SOs parents do it. They leave the door wide open and you can see, hear and smell them take a shit from the living room.

It was completely weird the first time I slept there with my SO and then I was going out of the room and see her father sitting on the toilet reading a magazine. I completely froze and just stared at him.

He farted, looked at me with a poker face and waved. I ran downstairs.

35. That…that’s really disgusting

When I was little I used to sleep over at my dads house. He rented a room inside of a house owned by other people with only one bathroom for the family that owned the house and my dad. So instead of walking out to the bathroom he would piss inside of soda cans that he had finished earlier. I was not aware of this, so one night I was really thirsty in this dark room with everyone sleeping. I found a soda can that felt half full and just took a gulp out of it. It was cold from sitting around for a while but tasted really sour and just god-awful. I had no choice but to swallow this huge mouthful of piss because I couldn’t just spit it onto the bed. I still wasn’t 100% sure what had happened until the next day I asked my dad “Did you take a piss in a soda can last night?” and he said while laughing “Yeah….why? Did you drink it?” well I was too embarrassed to tell him so I said “No, I just smelt it and it smelt like piss” and just went about my day.

36. There’s a difference between being thrifty, and being really goddamn thrifty

This was when I was a kid, I was at my friends house, and her mom got us some orange juice with our lunch. When we finished eating she took the remaining juice from the cups and poured it back into the container. Even as a kid I thought it was disgusting.

37. Don’t come back now, y’hear?

Once when I was a kid I was invited to stay over for dinner at a friend’s house. My friend’s mother poured a large quantity of ketchup into a cereal bowl, which the entire family all casually dipped their fingers into and licked throughout the meal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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