28 Men And Women Share The Most Shocking Thing They Ever Accidentally Walked In On

This is what can happen when you don’t knock first.

13. Knock First

In college one of my friend/roommates had a girlfriend we all liked. Cool chick.

Except I somehow walked in on her shitting 5 different times in a year. It got so ridiculous that I got antsy about going to any bathroom with her around. It took a year for me to stop yelling through bathroom doors before I went inside.


14. Hide And Seek Goes Terribly Wrong

Didn’t really walk in but the most traumatizing time. When I was 6 I had friends over for a play date and I went to go hide underneath my grandparents’ bed with my friend. My grandparents came into the room after us so they had no idea we were in there so they started undressing and got on the bed. Sounds started. I started crying but they were basically deaf so they couldn’t hear me. But my mom walked by the room and thought she heard me crying so she walks in. Grandparents start screaming at my mom. Mom starts screaming at grandparents I run out from under the bed with my friend trailing behind me. It was awful.


15. A Father/Daughter Moment

One time I, then a teenaged girl, walked in on my father masturbating to porn. I could tell from the dialogue was porn that I had masturbated to several hours earlier. I didn’t see anything other than dad throw the bed sheets over himself and look incredibly sheepish. That day I learned we both like lesbian porn, however, we have not bonded over this incident.



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