28 Men And Women Share The Most Shocking Thing They Ever Accidentally Walked In On

This is what can happen when you don’t knock first.

4. Grandma, On The Phone

When I was 14, I went over to my grandmother’s house and came bounding in like normal. To my surprise, she was sitting on the phone – completely naked. She screamed. I screamed. I quickly turned and exited the house. She called me later that day.

“I hope you don’t think that all women are saggy and old like me.”


5. Jock Itch

I lived in a two bedroom apartment with 4 guys so it was 2 guys per room. I usually left first because of my job. One day, I realized I had forgotten some important documents and came back to get them. I opened up the door to my room and found my roommate, laying naked on his bed, his legs up in the air, and blow drying his balls. He later explained to me that he had some sort of jock itch and needed to keep that area “moisture free”. That image is burned into my brain to this day and on his birthday, every year, I send him a picture of a blow dryer.


6. A Rabbit makes a delivery

I walked in on a couple having sex. Wouldn’t be that bad, except I was dressed as a giant rabbit delivering chocolate bunnies for Easter.



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