28 Men And Women Share The Most Shocking Thing They Ever Accidentally Walked In On

This is what can happen when you don’t knock first.

23. “I Thought You Were In The Shower”

I used to sleep at my cousin’s house all the time. I was raised by my mother and she’s a nurse, so I spent many nights there.

One night when I was 12 I was at his house. It was just us and his three younger siblings. When I stayed there I crashed in his room. So, around 9 pm I say I’m going in the shower. His shower used to take a long time for the water to become hot, so I turned the water on and went into the living room with my towel on and watched “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” for about 10 minutes. Then I hear a bunch of shit falling in my cousin’s room, so I walk towards it.

I open the door and there’s my cousin, completely naked with a dish towel wrapped around his erect dick, and he’s knocking everything down in the room with his dick. I’m talking sports figurines, a lot of books, VHS tapes, video games, basically anything you could think of that would be in a 13-year-old’s room. So I say “what the fuck cuz” he just looked at me calmly and said, “I thought you were in the shower, I was going to clean it up, I always do”

Never mentioned it again.


24. Naughty Until The Very End

Do you know there are people in their mid-80’s still having hot, sweaty, hair pulling, ass spanking, dirty-talking sex?

I know there are. I accidentally walked through a room where my 80+year-old friend was banging his 80+year-old girlfriend. They didn’t know I was there and it took a full minute to get out of the room. Apparently, an 80-year-old woman can still be a “naughty girl who needs a good, hard fucking.”

You go, my man Howard!


25. Unsurprising Somehow

Years ago I was sharing a room with my homophobic brother, he is one of those guys that consider himself the alpha male but is mostly just talk. I came early from work and I found him using a dildo in his ass….to this day I can’t look at any penis shape thing without having flashbacks.



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