I thought it would be easy to tell you goodbye I just wanted to leave, I didn’t even want to try But as the days passed by and as the nights got longer, my love for you kept growing stronger Until the…

Find someone who makes you want to choose to love them. Sometimes we’re conditioned to think that it should be easy, that our hearts will do all the work, that loving them will be simple because aren’t we just so lucky to have found it?! But really, love is hard. Love is really, really hard.

I called you last night. Because I saw that picture,
because I wanted to know if your voice still sounded
like Saturday mornings with closed blinds,
an old truck with the windows down on the highway
in the sticky-hot Western sun. It did.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you’re looking at someone with so much passion and that person is standing there unaware of your existence, how can someone be so close yet so far?