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I Hope You’re Doing Okay (But Don’t Expect A Text)

I Hope You're Doing Okay (But Don't Expect A Text)

I hope you’re doing okay, but that doesn’t mean walking away was an overreaction. It doesn’t mean I regret anything that happened between us. It doesn’t mean you were right all along or that you deserve an apology. It doesn’t mean that you were innocent, after all. 

It Might Take You A While To Come Out (Even To Yourself)

It Might Take You A While To Come Out (Even To Yourself)

You’re valid, no matter what part of the journey you’re on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ready to share your truth with the world, whether you’re posting subtle hints on social media, or whether you’re just starting to accept yourself. You are deserving of kindness and respect and all the love in the world — especially from yourself.

Your Hard Work Might Not Pay Off (At Least, Not Right Away)

Your Hard Work Won't Always Pay Off (At Least, Not Right Away)

You shouldn’t discount your entire journey, simply because you didn’t reach your intended destination. You shouldn’t ignore all of your hard work, all the hours you spent trying your hardest. You should be proud of yourself for how much effort you put in. You should celebrate the fact that you were brave enough to take a chance on yourself. 

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