Holly Riordan

Astrology Expert
Grief + Mental Health Writer

      Holly Riordan is a graduate of Stony Brook University who has spent seven years writing for Thought Catalog and Collective World. She has amassed close to a billion reads on her articles about modern relationships, mental health, grief, and astrology. 

     She is also the author of the queer science fiction thriller, Forget Her, and the creepy poetry collection, Severed.


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Maybe You’re Not Bored Of The Relationship, You’re Just Past The Butterfly Phase

Leave the relationship if your needs aren’t being met, if your person has nothing in common with you, if you feel like it’s hard to hold a conversation with them because they never listen to a word you say or turn everything into an argument. But don’t leave simply because you’ve grown a little bored after the honeymoon phase has ended.