Settling Down Late Is Better Than Settling Down With The Wrong Person

Settling Down Late Is Better Than Settling Down With The Wrong Person

You don’t have to settle down in your twenties. You don’t have to find the love of your life while you are in high school or college. You don’t have to start your love story at an early age.

It’s better to wait until you are older to settle down with the right person than to commit to the wrong person while you are still young. 

If you have only dated toxic people in the past, then you should not feel bad about being single. You should be proud of yourself for holding out for someone better. You should be happy you decided not to settle.

There is nothing embarrassing about being single in your twenties. You can be using this time to find yourself. You can be using this time to advance your career. You can be using this time to date the wrong people and learn lessons about love. There is no rule saying you should be settled down by now.

Even though everyone in your age group is starting to post pictures of their engagements and wedding dresses and sonograms, you should not feel like you are falling behind. It’s better to do something right than do it quickly. Most people aren’t lucky enough to meet their soulmate at a young age. Most people are meant to look for a little while longer.

If you have to choose between being the last person in your friend group to get married or marrying the wrong person in order to fit in and look like you have your life together, then you should always choose the first option. You should always choose true happiness.

Settling down late is better than settling down with the wrong person. Take your time. Remain patient. Don’t convince yourself you should be married homeowners by a certain age. There isn’t a set timeline. If you aren’t ready for marriage quite yet, take your relationship one step at a time. Don’t rush yourselves.

If your relationship is meant to last forever, your person won’t be going anywhere, regardless of whether your names are written on a marriage certificate.

Don’t let society convince you to move faster than you are comfortable moving. Don’t let society pressure you into getting married with the first person you find.

You shouldn’t decide to marry the person you’re dating because a milestone birthday has passed and everyone around you has already walked down the aisle. You should only decide to get married because you love this person, you want to spend forever alongside this person, you cannot imagine your future without this person.

Until you find someone who is worthy of your love, you should stay single. You should hold out for the right relationship. You should promise yourself you will settle down with the right person.

Just because everyone around you is settling down doesn’t mean it’s time for you to do the same. Wait until your forever person comes along, even if that takes years. Even if it takes a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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