Loving You Is Worth The Risk

Loving You Is Worth The Risk

You are worth the risk.

For so long, I have been guarding my heart tightly and refusing to let anyone close to me. I was convinced that I couldn’t do relationship because none have worked out for me. I was disillusioned about ever meeting the right person.

But you, you make it easy for me to open my heart to you.

You teach me how to trust in love.

That just because love has failed me before doesn’t mean that it will again. You make me try to keep my dark emotions at bay and not let negativity get the best of me. You make feel at ease in my own skin and accept me for the person I am despite all my flaws and insecurities. You make me feel like myself with your endless encouragement and support for me to become my ideal self.

With you, there is no game to be caught up in and confusing mixed signals to decipher. We are simply together because we want to be. There are no excuses of wrong timing and place. There are no adversities that we cannot conquer when we are fighting whatever odds against us side by side. There is not a moment of doubt in our relationship that we are in this together.

You are worth the risk for I am falling in love with you.

I don’t know how you do it but I am completely smitten with you. I’m obsessed with the way your eyes lit up when they found mine as though I’m the light you’re seeking for. I’m addicted to the rush of adrenaline when you slip your fingers around mine tightly like you won’t ever let me go. I’m enjoying the process of unraveling your mind and your deepest secrets.

You make my heart so full with your presence until it’s bursting with the fullness of it. You enlivened me in the best possible way and my life is a vivid shade of passion, love, and joy. You bring me back to life from the wreckage of my previous heartbreak and dismantle all my old bitter belief about love. You make me believe that you are different and till today, you have given me no reason to think otherwise.

You are worth the risk for I have never met someone like you. Someone who is patient with me and loves me with every inch of his wide generous heart.

You teach me that love is kind and patient. Even when we don’t see eye to eye to certain things, you never raise your voice at me or utter any hurtful word. When I turn away, you reach towards me and hug me tighter breaking down the barrier between us. When dark times threaten to overwhelm us, you simply face it bravely with me and assure me that we will survive whatever storm comes our way.

With you, I have found my best friend and my soulmate. I have found my home in you. I have found a love that never leaves.

You are worth the risk, every bit of it, and I have no regret knowing you. I have no regret loving you.

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Liane White

I write about falling in love and out of love.