Leave If The Love Is One-Sided

Leave If The Love Is One-Sided

Leave if the love is one-sided, if you feel like you’re the only one putting energy into the relationship, the one coming to compromises, the one making sacrifices. Leave if you feel like you’re underappreciated or disrespected. Leave if it feels like the relationship is off-balance, like you are offering up so much more than you’re getting back in return. Leave if you need more than this, if you’re feeling unfulfilled, if your heart is searching for more.

Walking away from a mediocre love doesn’t make you greedy. Your expectations aren’t too high. You should be in a relationship with an equal. You should feel like your partner is exerting as much energy as you.

You shouldn’t remain trapped in a one-sided relationship. You shouldn’t force yourself to stay in the same situation, simply because you’re used to where you are. You shouldn’t allow your history to hold you in place. You shouldn’t allow your guilt to decide your future.

You shouldn’t feel bad about walking away from someone who doesn’t fit you, either. Although you might have a hard time getting over this person, and they might have trouble getting over you, that doesn’t mean you need to stay. That doesn’t mean your options are limited.

You always have a choice — and you can choose happiness. You can choose to chase after real, unconditional love. You don’t have to settle for one-sided love.

You should leave if the respect is one-sided. You should be with someone who wants to hear what you have to say, who cares about your opinion, who listens when you say no. You deserve someone who values your mind as much as your body. You deserve someone who only has sweet things to say about you to your face and behind your back, someone who would never dream of disrespecting you with friends or family or one-on-one.

You should leave if the compromises are one-sided. You shouldn’t be the only one putting effort into fixing your relationship problems. You shouldn’t be the only one apologizing when you do wrong or agreeing to disagree during arguments. You shouldn’t be the only one trying to set things right. You should be working together. You should be on the same side. You should both want to fight for the relationship, or the relationship isn’t worth fighting for at all.

You should leave if the effort is one-sided. You should be with someone who makes your world easier, not harder. They should take stress off your shoulders, not weigh you down with more. Your person should act as your teammate, your partner in crime, your biggest supporter, and your favorite helper. They should be there for you whenever you need them. They should never leave you hanging. They should be your rock. Your constant.

Leave if the love is one-sided. You should be with someone who makes you feel valued and cherished. You should be with someone who never makes you wonder whether they care. You should be with someone who gives you everything you’ve ever wanted, not half. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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