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You make me want to be weak. You make me want to forget my self-worth. To throw away my ideas of what I deserve and to whole heartedly dive into your world. Your world that used to be mine too.

Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. To be ok with who we are without looking perfect. To be ok with who we are without the fame and the fortune. To learn how to be ok just as who we are now. No matter how long it takes.

You need to let him go because he’s not worthy of the love you give him. He’s not worthy of the lust you give him. He’s not worthy of being in your head all day long.

I woke up today and didn’t think of you. I woke up, and didn’t wish you were there. I woke up, and didn’t feel the usual tiny hole in the pit of my stomach that liked to gnaw on my subconscious during the night. I woke up, and your name didn’t even cross through my head.

Your 20’s are about failing, dusting yourself off, and trying all over again. They are about losing people along the way, and gaining new people in your life. They are about learning how to navigate yourself along the uneven pavement sometimes by yourself, and sometimes with the help of your friends.

Your lack of money: You complain about your lack of money, yet…you’re going out on the weekends and wasting your paycheck on drinks? You’re going to more than one happy hour per week? And you just bought a puppy? Think long and hard about how you are spending your money and make yourself a budget. (Please actually stick to it).

You focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have – By putting yourself down and comparing yourself to other in regards to what they have and what you don’t have, you are truly ruining your ability to see how awesome you are. Try to focus on the things you have already accomplished and the positive aspects of your life

Because in the end, you won’t be telling your grandchildren about your awesome salary, or the Mercedes Benz you got to buy when you were 24. No, you’ll tell them about the people you met in Australia, or Thailand. You’ll tell them about finally landing the job of your dreams and moving to the city you always wanted to live in.

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