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Don’t meet my family. Don’t meet my relatives. Don’t hold my hand in public and kiss me on the tip of my nose. Don’t give me bear hugs. Don’t call me yours. If you don’t really want me.

Maybe she thought she needed you at first. That she needed a body to hold at night when it got too dark to see. Or maybe she thought that she needed the reassurance of a hand or a hug. But I can guarantee you, she never needed it. She never needed you.

The strongest girls are the ones who don’t feel sorry for themselves. And no matter what has happened to them in their lives, and no matter what their hearts have been through, they hold no hatred for the universe.

Move on from a life that has bruised your ego. From a life that has done nothing but pour tragedy and disaster into your heart. Move on from the past that has you reeling every time you look back on it. Move on from the ugly ghosts that haunt you to this day.

He left for a reason. He said goodbye for a reason. He didn’t just walk away without thinking about it. And maybe he’s an idiot for it. Maybe he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving you. But it’s done. It’s final.

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